​16 and a book draft! say what?

Today, my lazy persona chose to stay home surrounded by all the coziness it can offer. So procrastination was a pretty obvious, easy choice. But it’s been a while I have this,

Glued on the wall, in front of my working/studying desk, thus urging me to make an attempt. I confess, I still was reluctant about it.
So straight to the point, I started rummaging through my old stuff hidden within my laptop’s depth and it’s true what they say, you end up finding what you are looking for…

During my sophomore year in High School, I managed to put together a 160 page word document book draft…

Mmmm… I beg your pardon? I didn’t quite catch that…

I mean, SAY WHAT? Are you f#^&#*g kidding me??

Let it sink, for a moment. Check! NO! It can’t be! Check again! It looks like… mmm… well… Are we sure I don’t need glasses?

Oh, it’s all true! A story! Of fiction! It’s divided into chapters. There are characters, there is character development, interaction, action! They look so real and so alive… or should I say they used to, back then.  

There was another document, a separate one, where I had dropped some notes and comments about the entire plot. Way to go, little K, apparently you had a clear set of ideas, formidable. (I couldn’t help, but praise my past self) Couldn’t stop myself from smiling, excitement mixed with nostalgia, but reality is knocking.

The draft is raw, very raw. It feels kind of childish or infantile, in need of serious, thorough, heavy revising and editing. And it should be merciless, definitely. Hell, it might even not be worth a penny.

However, this is proof of perseverance, strong will and unquestionable passion for writing.

Hhhmmm is it ok, that today my motivation booster is a 16-year-old me?

I’d love to know what you are thinking right now!

xoxo #kristinakoti


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