A look Back

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Moving on from my yesterday’s rant about the book draft I conceived at 16, I must say there were lots of interesting, “ancient” stuff in my laptop from my teenage years.

It’s wonderful that nowadays you have the cyber space to log in and share your views and opinions with the rest of the world. At the time, there was nothing of the sort. Yeah, I wish there was, maybe I wouldn’t have stopped writing in the first place, or maybe I would have, who knows…

But I really feel lucky that, at least I had a screen and a keyboard. In case technology had never been involved in my writing process, there would have never been a writing process in the first place.

When it comes to hand writing, I am LAZY, the laziest probably. There were so many times, when ideas would pop up in my head, and a story would naturally take form, modesty apart, if well-developed there is a slight chance that something good might have come out of it, but the person I am, there was no problem with just letting it slide. Since I still needed to share things with someone (as we all do, that’s why we are here), that someone happened to be my mother, my first, fierce supporter.

I remember her nudging me to write, otherwise oblivion would take over. Yeah I remember very well, but I couldn’t care less. Which is such a shame! Sometimes it really feels like fantasy is a foreign concept to me. Don’t get me wrong, not necessarily this is a bad thing. Some people have it in them, some don’t or I don’t for instance.

The thing is: I used to! I remember very well, that I used to.

Is it forever gone? I can’t help myself but wonder. Will I ever be able to knit a real fiction story plot, again? I just wonder.

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8 thoughts on “A look Back”

  1. I also find fascinating when you read a facebook status 6 years ago, and you are like "is that me? who wrote that? " 😛

  2. Ahahah well yeah, fascinating is certainly an appropriate adjective, besides, amusing, entertaining, awkward, etc. True.
    However, we all (almost) post facebook statuses 😉


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