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What’s more important? (to bloggers in general I mean) Content? (words, pictures) Fresh, new, creative, original thoughts? Ideas? What about views? Traffic? Visitors? Comments? Likes? You are probably listing other names, right?  Yeah, we could go on for hours.

We want to write awesome stuff, that’s our common goal. We read each other’s work, get amazed, inspired, captivated and all hooked up in our fellow bloggers’ posts, besides our own lives, friends and peers, families, memories, experience and background.

Sometimes I wonder: “Wow, this was so good, what a beautiful, bright mind!” “What a wonderful, brilliant mindset!” “What strength and determination!”

Sometimes, I get jealous, yeah I do. It goes into phases like: “Why is he/she so good?” or  “Why does this blog have so many likes or comments and mine not?” . It’s the way I feel, I know it’s not constructive and healthy, most importantly for me, if anything else. Before I go on, I would like to stress that, I mean no harm nor wish any to anyone. Quite the opposite, my jealousy is a form of appreciation, because I’ve come to something really good, worth liking (so I hit the like button) and worth commenting (which I do, GENUINELY) but the green virus of envy, sometimes creeps in.  I wanted to tell you about it because, I owe you all, honesty (since I am talking about it quite a lot, lately).

Next phases though, it gets better (promise):

1. Attitude: “What’s wrong with my blog?” “Maybe I am just too clumsy!” Follows 2. Attitude: “No, no what can I change; how do I improve my blog?”

1. Attitude: “Why it never occurred to me?” or “Why didn’t it never, ever cross my mind, in the first place?” Follows 2. Attitude: “This is a good read for inspiration. Get something good out of it and learn something new! Stretch your fingers and get back to work.”

Every time I have doubts about my skills, my writing instead of worrying, I simply remind myself that I am doing this for me. This is where I freely show my beliefs and what I stand for. As everyone else here, yes I want my voice to spread and be heard, but I wouldn’t change the stuff I write, I wish that readers like me for who I am and make their choice to follow according to what they truly believe.



 xoxo #kristinakoti


4 thoughts on “A New Post”

  1. It's actually true. I want to confess something that might make me sound snooty, but seriously since you're being honest here, i thought i could get it off my chest too! There are some blogs with like thousands of followers and so many likes and comments and everyone is always raving...but i read the post and scratch my head - what the hell is this blogger trying to say?! Am i really that dumb that i am the only one not understanding??? (Please answer in the negative to the last question!)

    1. I can't help but smile at your comment 🙂
      And no, you are not... or if you are then it makes two of us. ;p I know exactly what you mean, and I am quite sure we are not alone in the world. Despite everything, there are good or freaking breathtaking bloggers and there are hhhmmm "sooo not". I don't judge (if I don't have anything nice to say, I choose silence) but I can't help my thoughts though.
      I used to think about it, more in the beginning, now less. It's just how it is... I try to find worthy blog posts instead (oh oh TBD "worthy") but yeah basically stuff my reading neurons like to "sniff" which to others may look boring.
      But I do agree, I have read some "ludicrous" posts from time to time and been like: "What? There is no way, I could like something like this..." Others, apparently do... or maybe they like the authors' marketing skills, oh I really don't know... hahaha


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