A Vice Perspective

Being a Vice sucks.
I get stuck with all the important things, I am accountable of everything, especially if one of these things goes the wrong way.The work I do, all of it to be marked down by the tiny ugly part of “vice” glued on my title, my responsibilities, my duties, my actions, my words, my… my men, oh but they are not my men… and this is not my ship.

Power, crew, ship, credit are all His, the world knows it’s him doing the things I do.

And what do I get? Vice Captain. Haha what a joke! .

Second in command. A vice captain, almost a captain but never actually being one.


2 thoughts on “A Vice Perspective”

  1. Oh so very well related having to do all the hard-work and credits going to your manager. Meet the deadline. Get the reports, ready with the presentation and bam on the main day see him taking the reward!!
    All you do is
    ?????????? great job boss!

    1. Yep, sometimes it's like this. Actually lots of times. ?
      But sometimes you being "the boss" and your "subordinates" want to take over and try to sabotage your work. That's also awful!


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