All about that Bass…Really?

Well no, Meghan it’s not!!! Seriously, it’s been actually a lot since I wanted to share what I really think of the song, better to say about the content of the song.

It is ridiculous, and I know what you might think, there are like countless stupid, superficial songs out there, I certainly agree with you, thus in this very moment I can list hundreds of them, too many right? However this one, gets on my nerves! Really!

You know the irony? WHEN THIS SONG IS BEING PLAYED IN THE GYM! (It has happened!)

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Be constructive at all costs


Ok, let’s talk about the skinny bitches: what’s wrong with skinny? How about fat …(hhhoooohhh covering my mouth) blasphemy! I never got it, if there is something wrong with the “bitch” word in this context or in general. But whatever.

There is nothing wrong being skinny, if a girl wants to be, as long as she is healthy and she isn’t harming herself physically and/or mentally. I know lots of skinny girls, really skinny and perfectly healthy.

There is nothing wrong being over weight (I dislike using “fat”, I know how it feels like being called that!) as long as your health is ok, but most of the times if not in short-term period in the long run, being over weight brings some high costs to pay. However, there is nothing to be ashamed of and most importantly if someone doesn’t like it that way and wants to lose some motherfreaking kilos, it’s OK to try to do so. I stress again, not to put yourself through hell with dieting and struggling with the cross fit ropes.

Take pros’ advice and instructions, follow them, take your time, be patient, be consistent and you will get there. I know from experience.

Yes, Meghan, you can be proud of your size and body, it’s absolutely right, but that doesn’t mean that the skinny ones shouldn’t. What’s worse assume that, your way is right and others is wrong. It’s simply different. Yes, but it’s so easy to just jump into conclusions so fast, right? Also so convenient, specially for commercial reasons. Anyway this is a total different thing.

Or is it jealousy? And you actually want to be a skinny bitch after all? Ssshhhhhhh….Just saying!

The point I am trying to make is that, there is no need to compare my weight to yours, compare my beauty to yours, be it real or fake due to surgery, whatever the case, that’s my choice to make not yours.

I shouldn’t feel bad about decisions I make, for my own body, even if it is Botox, liposuction etc. I assess the risks of my own actions and eventually face the consequences.

Oh and the part that boys prefer more “junk” or whatever. It shouldn’t even be about the boys, and I know it sounds so cliché but first things first, meaning you come FIRST.

So, again the reason I dislike the song is that it sounds misinforming and it gives a message which is wrong, when what really matters is focus on yourself, improvement and not comparison, tolerance not discrimination, learning before criticizing.

The Dani Mathers Snapshot? We are far from perfect, we can’t stop our thoughts even when they are cruel or mean, I get that. We make mistakes and we shouldn’t be judged for them, but for the efforts we make to amend what we did wrong. However, taking a picture, writing down that kind of note and deliberately posting is not a mere mistake, is malice!

This is just my humble opinion to back up the way I think of this topic. I am open for a discussion, how do you guys feel about it? What do you think?

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6 thoughts on “All about that Bass…Really?”

  1. Very well put. We all are different, beauty is variable and vast. There is no set rules in nature. We should learn to aaccept ourselves and others the way they are!


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