Authenticity Online

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How do you feel about your persona online, on social networks? Is it a miniature version of you or more a general version of you? Are your profiles open or private, be it Facebook, Instagram and so on?  And this question leads to:  Does your personal you match with the online you?

The thing is, to know the answer. How we manage our social accounts on the internet is a matter of choice, no one is entitled to judge. Period.

Everyday we make that choice, starting by the personal data found in our profiles, the statuses and the things we choose to post, which naturally show what we stand for, fight for, long for, wish for. The photos we choose to post, locations, companions, when, how, posing.

The social network friends we choose to have, or who we choose to befriend… Do you have your boss on your personal Facebook account? Do you have your clients as friends on your social networks profile? Do you have co workers? What about your employees?

If yes, do you find yourself scrolling on their profiles? I mean that’s what social media is for. Do you find yourself oriented to see what these particular people do? Of course you are curious. If I had my boss on Facebook, I would be. I know the professional side of him, I am curious to know how he is like with his family, his friends. I don’t think I would respect him less, watching his “vulnerability” with his children or his dog or whatever. Quite the opposite, as I think this would add more value to him as a human being.

No, in case you were wondering, he is not in my friend list and nor do I want to send a friend request. He is still my boss, and I don’t really know what a potential reaction would he have on the matter, thus I wouldn’t take the risk. But honestly, I wouldn’t mind. I don’t mind having my coworkers on my accounts, when technically they report to me, as I am the “boss”.

We are human, no matter the profession or the job we have, the social status or rank we stand, we are still human. We have families, friends, pets, moments of joy, moments of sorrow and weakness and also moments of craziness. The essence is that we are no robots, because, frankly seeing “perfection” and every single detail in the “perfect” place, on your social profile, I would get a bit suspicious… aaaaand I would have no interest eventually… aaaaand I would scroll down, moving on to the next subject :D.

For I believe, as long as I am not violating any law, any liberty or right, posing any kind of threat and harm against any other living breathing creature on earth then, I can do what I want and I don’t want to be judged for it. If I am, well then my world is going to be a better world without some people. If people do not feel ok with the me online, they won’t be ok with the me “offline”, so yes, the delete or block button works quite the same even in real life. 😉

I find myself quite authentic, (haha) nope, not 100% but I do not frame myself in different ways for my Facebook account, my Instagram, my twitter and last but not least, my blog. Too many “personalities” is bad for my health. 😀

Are there things I want to keep to myself? Of course. Things I don’t want to share with anyone? Yes. However, that doesn’t mean that I am not me on the social.  Most importantly, I don’t want to pretend to be someone I am not.

What do you think of this topic? Share your point of view or your own experiences. I want to know more 😉

xoxo #kristinakoti

I had had my fair share of alcohol that night ?

4 thoughts on “Authenticity Online”

  1. I believe am quite authentic online. My Facebook account is quite private but my insta is public (see link on my blog). I am very new to wordpress and still establishing my blog.
    I don't have my boss or many work colleagues on my Facebook because I keep my work and personal life separate online and offline. ?

  2. I like the questions you pose. Some made me pause for my answer, others I knew right away. I think that's an indication of an interesting read for self-discovery. I consider my online/offline self pretty consistent. My life isn't perfect but I don't desire to pretend it is, so there's no conflict for me.

    1. Thank you Corina for reading. These are the same questions I asked myself, and the same way some of them made reflect some more. I guess for the majority, life is not perfect, why pretend it is. I am not saying to pour all your problems in your social but to try to keep us real.


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