“Big Girls Don’t Cry” Review


As promised a few weeks ago, finally here my Fay Weldon’s review of “Big girls don’t cry”. i tried to be very careful, providing basic information and opinion, making it “spoiler free”. I have already mentioned it, I know, but I will do that again. I read the book in Albanian, published By Pegi Publishing House, one of the best here in Albania.

And with that said, I hope you enjoy it! 🙂

First of all, know that it’s very straight forward and maybe someone would think of it as bold and brazen. That’s part of this book’s personality, this is how the characters truly are. Most of them are uncensored, because they show their true colors and are not afraid of not faking a facade to show to the rest. Well considering the time, breaking the boundaries, work hard, play hard, party hard and money looked easy but it wasn’t, it has never been, we just keep comparing easier eras to more difficult ones. That’s one of the biggest illusions of our reality.

So the book sounded bittersweet to my tastes and I loved it. It is funny and here is the catch: It’s a must! It must be funny. Otherwise you would have a dead load to read. The topic brought to life in the book call it feminism, women empowerment, sexual liberation, not depending on men and be your own boss, get rid of the “house keeping” model, are not funny at all, but Weldon manages to make it so easy to read, so entertaining, so fun and yet the reader can’t help but think that this “sh**” is important. To me, the main message, when looking at the big picture, is: No matter how high and important and righteous a cause is, it takes so little to become grotesque and ridiculous, specially when you resort to extreme remedies. Blaming others is so easy, and taking a look at yourself is always the hardest thing to do thus when you avoid the mirror you end up going against wind mills or fighting ghosts.

This bunch of dreamy, courageous girls start the project of their lives with a sacred ideal with the aim of spreading awareness and mindfulness for all the women out in the world, making them strong by giving knowledge and evidence that they are not the weaker sex, that they can make it on their own, that they should stand up and speak up for themselves and their rights.

The book shows what happens behind the scenes, real women, sometimes strong, sometimes fragile and insecure. In the end be it a man or a woman, we are all humans, right? But they didn’t see it. War was declared… To men! The essence of the problem is: how society expects men and women to behave or be, but women are as much to blame as men, if there is any blame to take and this is the beginning of the demise…

I see it as a tribute not to strength or women, but a tribute to the human beings and to reality how it is, sparing absolutely no one.

As you may have noticed I didn’t mention any character name, or event, or other details because again I want to trigger your curiosity and actually read the book and comment your opinions. If you have already read it, perfect. Comment below… 😀

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