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I have read a good share of blog posts, by other fellow bloggers, how they manage the blog space with their busy real life schedules. I have read lots of useful tips, how to make it work and at the same time avoid falling behind with the post sharing here in the blogosphere.
It’s been two months of blogging to me, and for sure I am no expert, I have still a lot more to learn, but I am sharing how I cope with blogging and how I am keeping the whole activity organized, according to my standards of course ;p. I confess, sometimes I find it hard to keep up and I have my slack off moments, but I manage to recover pretty quickly 🙂 (for now).

Here you go through my simple list:

  • Find time to read other bloggers’ work. I do this, “fishing” from the community pool, or participating in the daily post challenges. It’s a good way to engage in conversations and I can discover new bloggers whom I might connect and bond with.
  • I am trying to set the counter of 4-5 bloggers “I follow” a day, so I can read at least one piece, and leave a worthy comment, to let them know that “I am here and I care”, because I truly do. This way I keep in touch with my community which is growing every day, and I love it.
  • Blogging? I don’t have a calendar yet. I post everyday (almost) yes, but I am reluctant to put the everyday post blogger on my page. Because, there are days I might not feel like writing. I have been thinking of scheduling my posts in advance, and then they post automatically. This is still in the pending list, though.
  • Take a break from the blog. It’s not healthy to live for the sake of your blog. It’s a wonderful experience, it’s fulfilling and brings joy, but enjoying life is the first thing to keep in mind in order to keep blogging the same enjoyable. When you live your life to the fullest, you will be able to fill your blog. Easy as that.
  • Whenever I see some “blog worthy” material around, I write it down. Now I have a list of topics to develop, for my blog. Some of them are easy and very soon I shall be able to complete. As for the rest, I know I will have my hands full for some time, as they are quite challenging. I need careful reading and deep research to do before hand. I am confident, it will pay off in the end.

I was invited to be a part of platform, I felt honored, I still feel that way.  And I am sorry I haven’t been able to post any fresh material, but I’ve got a lot in my plate right now. I hope to be able to contribute and be an active member of that community, some time in the future.



That’s pretty much it, for now. So what do you think? Share below your own experience and strategies.

I will keep you posted. 😉

xoxo #kristinakoti


10 thoughts on “Blogging and the list”

    1. Oh thank you Sheryl. Yes in fact, besides the new eye I've got developed in perceiving the world, I also try to "use" everything I see fit for my blogging to share with everyone. 🙂

    1. Oh I am glad you liked it and you found the tips useful. I didn't really want to make it sound like tips more like a list to keep things tidy and well organized ?? However I am glad.

  1. This has definitely given me food for thought, I have only recently started blogging regularly and am trying to stick to a schedule without putting so much pressure on it that I am lost for ideas to actually write about. I have begun keeping my journal on me at all time, even just to jot down ideas or snippets of interesting conversation I have had or overheard. It's defintiely helping but still, interesting to get somebody elses perspective, so thank you!


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