Me: Why can’t I be like you? Why am I condemned with the Casper’s cousin nickname? For the rest of my plain ordinary and specially mortal life? I absolutely get it, being a ghost and everything, I would not complain, I would accept my cruel fate… With pain…

E: Huh what are you talking about?
Me: I want a tan. Just like you! Just like that old lady over there… I see tanned people everywhere and it’ s not fair!

E: Oh don’ t worry about it. Noone sees you anyway. You are well, see through bwahahahahhaha…

Me: Nnnzzz…

E: Oh c’mon that was a good line! Admit it!

Me: No it wasn’t. It doesn’t even make sense. I would be the invisible girl, walking around in pink bikini… Haha kind of Jessica Alba in Fantastic 4… Whaaaat now?

E: Oh are you really going there? You compared to Jessica Holy Mother of God and Beauty Alba aaaaand tanned she is!

Me: I am not liking you very much right now! Truth, I am deeply hating, besides I like the woman!

E: Yeah trueeee. I mean who doesn’t!

Me: Missing the point! I want to be tanned for once in my life, pleaseeeee. I’ve dreamt about it since I’ve been a teenager. I saw the girls in my class, with that glowing golden shine, that bright smile even brighter with dark skin and that awful kind of tooth sparkling stone, with the attempt to look like a tooth piercing…

E: Yeah that was ugly… Hey but you had one too right??

Me: Shut it, I was young and careless back then.

E: Right. That was the craziest thing you could possibly do at high school.

Me: Stick to my total make over into an ancient Greek goddess!

E: If you weren’t so obsessed with buying everything even remotely related to sun protection, maybe, just maybe you could slightly stand a chance, just slightly. I assure you the only happy guy in all of this was the drug store keeper…

Me: Well I need it… I want the Greek Goddess tan… As well…please!! You make it work somehow. You figure it out!

E: See, the Greek goddess didn’t know anything about spf…f…f ooookaaayy? Get my point?

Me: Well being a goddess, she didn’t need to… Get my point? OK… Ok let’s do it your way…

Hours later…

Me: OMG WHAT IS THIS? I LOOK LIKE A BLOODY MARY! BLOODY! In every possible way you see it!

E: Look at the bright side…

Me: There is no bright side. From my point of view there is only a red side. Flamming red. Infernal red… Burning red! And it’s your fault!

E: Why am I not surprised…?


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