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There is this part of Tirana (Albania’s capital), we call it “Bllok” in Albanian as the abbreviation of “zona e ish-bllokut” translated “Ex-block zone” . Once this was, where the only thing you could see were nice little mansions, little villas to be precise. The residents you might be asking? Only a selected bunch of people, the previous communist regime leaders, the high society.

That space of the capital was guarded 24/7 non stop. Trespassing was not an option if you cared for your life of course, or the so-called freedom you were allowed at the time.

With democracy in the 1990s, a lot of things changed in Albania, and so did the “Bllok”. You can still notice the villa remains, some traces of the old regime are still there to be seen, but the architecture and decoration has changed deeply. All of them became part of a revolutionized transformation, giving life to modern, fancy, fashionable restaurants, bars, coffee shops, night clubs.

That’s the “IN” part of the city or the “downtown” of Tirana. It’s pretty busy, you mainly see young people going out, having fun and ready to party all night long.

The thing about Tirana is that it never sleeps, from Monday to Monday! There is no “weekend” as a traditional weekend or a Friday night, because to us, if you want the Friday night, you can have it anytime, any day of the week. Meaning, if you want to go out clubbing and parting, you can do it.

If you think that on a Monday, the club will probably look like a boring, empty, huge room… Wrong! Loud music, booze, crowd and some dancing. However Friday and Saturday still rule the night life.

There are also “clubs” where it is so loud you can’t even hear your own thoughts, and you see people seated and drinking with each other… no talking and what’s worse not even dancing. That I am afraid, even I fail to understand let alone explain.
During summertime, on Fridays, all that crowd flows towards the South beaches of Albania, while in Tirana’s Bllok, looks like you are walking on dead, silent streets. That’s the period of the year I like the most, as it is more quiet for my eyes and it looks like a long deserved rest from the vast population.

What do you think of the nightlife style in Tirana? What do you choose to do on a Friday night?

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  1. I like Tirana mostly when it's crowded, with young pepople full of energy that want to enjoy life. During summer time this silence on the roads make me feel sad, lonely and old lol


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