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ALBANIA- Code of Honor

Guest used to be a sacred word for Albanian.

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Sofra Shqiptare-The typical Albanian dining table

A complete and perfect stranger in the middle of nowhere. Nowhere to turn for direction, no food, no roof to take shelter. Not knowing what route to take, not making sense of the surroundings. It’s pitch black. A house, an old wooden door, utterly isolated. What to do?

“Knock, knock!”

Distrust? At first.Well, of course. Could it be any different? The stranger is welcomed anyway. No negotiation, no questions. The head of the family, meets him, shakes his hand, introduces and announces: “You are my guest tonight! I will give you my home to rest. You will sit in our table and dine with us. As long as you are in my home, you are under my protection. If anything were to happen, I will risk my life to protect yours.”

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Shelter the desert

I would have preferred to delay a bit more, me writing about mmm I don’t know how to call it, social or political issues in my home country, Albania, but the “desert” diverts my focus right into it.
I would love to say that I love Albania and I probably do, despite the mix of feelings that I have in my heart.

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Shaping Crystals

I never gave it a thought how much glass has somehow affected me, since childhood. It happened today as I was thinking what could I possibly write about glass
I was hunting for the crystals, the “talismans” that could give me superpowers to change and shape the world. Thus every piece of glass found in the street was a precious tool to see the world differently, specially the colorful ones, so I could see things that others couldn’t. Then there were the see through ones, simple, plain glass. I took them, put them under the pillow so I could dream of the future, while the blue ones were to detect emotions, green ones to read minds, yellow were for intentions and plans, red to see what was inside people’s hearts. My friends were my “targets”. Soon after, it became the new summer adventure, hence we started to collect the talismans thrown bluntly everywhere, moreover no one could possibly know the secret they held within. But we needed policy, as our mission required privacy and strategy.

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I smell trouble

“Hahahah forbidden? Really? You have never done something that is forbidden! You are a geek!”
That sunk for a moment. Have I? Haven’t I?
I have always been the type of person, that tries to stick to some…. My first thought was “rules” and recalling from my past, yes I used to think that, but now I realize that it’s not rules. What I mean is that, it is not just the literal meaning of it. I stick to my principles, because I identify myself in them, because they make me who I am. Believe me, I have fought so many, countless battles with my demons  (and so many more waiting for me) to be who I am today and I was left  hurt with my soul bleeding, making choices that made me suffer of course but trading myself or my dignity, that was never an option.
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This probably leads to less friends, probably no promotion. And love life? HA-HA what a joke!
But wouldn’t you rather have just a couple of friends that you know, they are not going to bail on you? That are going to be there for you, as you will be there for them, which also includes, saying some things that might also sting…. sometimes!
Wouldn’t you want to see your face in the mirror and feel pride, that everything you have achieved in your life, be it academic or work is your own merit, unless you are delusional and fill your mind with lies just to feel better. I wonder how much does this psychedelic illusion last?
Wouldn’t you prefer to be on your own, rather than become somebody’s emotional slave? Isn’t yourself enough, because you come first and yes there is a priority, YOU ARE! If you don’t feel ok with you, do you really expect others to?
So the question is: Is it really a matter to forbid or not?
What do you think?

Ouch, that’s my toe, lady!

I do not have a driving license. It took me some moments to write down the sentence. I can imagine, some of you rolling their eyes, some turning their heads in deep disapproval. I know, my friends are always scolding me or I am the favorite joke regarding the driving part, however this is not the issue.  Let’s get straight to the point, shall we?


Since,  I do not drive, I take public transport, the bus. Early in the morning, specially when you are running late, it’s a Greek tragedy!


You wait for the bus. You feel the fresh morning breeze on your face.  You feel confident, hoping for the bus to come sooner, so you won’t risk sweating too much, thus your make up melting and leaking, your hair getting sticky at the nape of your neck. You are confident, widening your eyes when finally you see the bus coming… You see something, a vehicle, it’s orange and it is approaching. Great! Lucky you! Your outfit looks tidy, comfy and yeah perfect. A slight glance at your toes, you had the pedicure done this weekend and you think: “Yeah that girl is good! I can’t believe I was so lucky and got the discount as well.”

In the meanwhile the bus is coming, you feel all this energy surrounding you, people coming close, closer, closer even more…. everything moving in slow motion… An irritating fly, insists to fly near your ear, and then…. “Ouch, that hurts!”


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