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Italian ChaT – IV



No need to rush, Marsia takes the fashionably late concept to a complete superior level. So I can roam on my own for a while, enjoying wind‘s futile attempts to block my steps.

So born on 1935 huh… this means she’s like 80 years old… and she looks so young… I didn’t get it, so her parents died soon after Alessio left? And the fire she was talking about? She lost the journals, now that’s a pity, I would have loved to take a look at them and take some notes… Notes… oooohhhhh how troublesome, the editorial, I don’t know where to start.

Ok, so it means that I will work on it, while waiting for Marsia… if only I could actually concentrate…

TESOROOOOOOO ECCOMI FINALMENTE!” Marsia exclaims, and all heads turned in our direction. Perfect, just perfect.

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Italian ChaT Part III

Dear reader, I really hope you are enjoying the short novel I am writing. So this is Part III, as usual, I will keep updating the story every Friday. I am still shaping the plot, but I’ve got the general line all set, for now… hehehe who knows… what might happen later.

However, below you will learn something more about the characters. Some might think that I am taking my time, but I need to give a complete view and background, as that will also affect the protagonist’s life afterwards. So be patient and enjoy.

Again, I suggest you to read the first two parts, before going on. As the story develops from this point on, you would miss details and information needed to understand better the course of events. Part I “Italian ChaT” , “Italian ChaT Part II”.



“They grew apart?”

“Alessio was the oldest. He wanted to be a support to our family, eager to change the world. He wanted to see a new Italy, empowered and industrialized but as idealistic as it looked, he was also impatient and wanted things to happen or to change real fast. With this fascist breeze, he saw the chance, that opportunity he was looking for…”

“He joined the Fascist Party???”

“Yes, he joined the Party at first… he was determined in his cause. He thought that changes, good ones were about to happen. Finally Italy would be able to reign the world, just like it had long ago deserved to. Yes, that’s what he thought. At some point, I think he lost vision of what was supposed to be his mission in life. He began to feed himself with anger and rage… The more he got involved with the party, the more we could see him transform… He was slowly drifting away, being so absorbed with the ideas of his beloved brothers who supported him… His real family began to resemble more and more with the enemy… The more we tried to talk some reason into him… Useless… His worst enemy was Mario, the younger brother.”

“He was against it, wasn’t he?”

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Italian ChaT Part II

Hello dear reader, what you are about to read is the second part of the new story “Italian chaT”. So far, there is no considerable relation to part I, however if you want to sort out the story and the events, I suggest you to read it that one first, before moving on the second part.

Thanks and enjoy 🙂


“Let’s take a sit here in the garden. It’s so refreshing, the nice soft breeze in the morning.”

I was drinking my coffee and thinking that I had to catch up with Marsia later. Time just flies when we are together, I really love the girl, but she just can’t stop talking about boys and their fancy cars, the clubs, the clothes, the ridiculous diets….Hhuuhhh… Models…

“So what do you do?”

“I am a writer.” Now that is quite laconic for being a writer. “Yeah I write… I try to…” Why does it feel even more awkward?

She keeps staring at me. “And what would you like to write about?”

I reply like an automatic answering machine: “I write about new fashion trends and combo tips or small category fashion events…” I didn’t like the sound of what I was saying but it was too late now.

Capisco, well figures” she said slurping her coffee, which triggered my curiosity

( “I get it” literal meaning is “understand”)

“Figures, what?”

“Oh gioia, it’s pretty obvious you don’t like your job, nor the people you work with, I got that from earlier. Since you said, you are a writer, I asked what would you like to write about…” Continue reading Italian ChaT Part II


Italian ChaT

I went downstairs, storming, as I wanted to be out and about as soon as possible.

There she was:

Oh Buongiorno! Dormito bene?” (Oh good morning! Slept well?)

I stopped. “There she is, the old lady, again.”

Buongiorno!“I replied reluctantly. “Why do I feel uncomfortable? Is it her mesmerizing blue eyes? She looks wise and dangerously smart. That smart that makes you feel like your soul is open and ready for her to read.”

Svegliata presto, giovane signorina! E anche di fretta. Gradisce un caffé?

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