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I have tried to create a mindset “Find inspiration everywhere” and, I have managed to succeed, but muse?

I am in a dead-end here.

I have a few questions, but somehow I feel like I can’t have easy answers, let alone correct, so pardon my misplacement. What does it feel like to be a muse to someone? Is it a burden? Does it impact your metaphysical entity in any way? Is it a responsibility? Do you need to meet expectations, criteria and keep up?

I asked an Artist, and at first glance it looks difficult to explain, not because he doesn’t know but I assume because in this case words may fail to do their magic. Sheeeeesh…

I wasn’t looking for the definition anyway. I want to know what it feels like. He said it’s an emotional transcendental state. No boundaries, a person, an object which transforms in overwhelming feelings, like a source of energy to produce art non stop. It is a state of mind, so unique and personal that sometimes it drifts away from the object of muse itself.

Credits to Albi a true Artist. Thanks for the pic.

xoxo #kristinakoti



Happy Birthday To My Blog


I was so excited the first day, when my first post was published and I still am. Writing has been a “partner in crime” during all my life, not that I attempt to create a writing lab, but it has always soothed me, as bringing my thoughts to life, is like breaking my whole being into thousands fractions. It might look weird, but that’s my way of being complete, being a puzzle and switching my pieces from time to time. That’s a way that makes me feel alive, because it’s not easy, because it’s hard, thus I still keep learning.

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