Cover the Cover

The book

It’s interesting and it has got me really captivated. I think that by the end of the day I will be done with it.

Generally, I am quite skeptic when it comes to topics such as feminism or sexism as sometimes, it’s so easy to take the wrong step and get involved in biased or even extremist arguments that lead nowhere. But, Natasha Walter, the author besides showing facts, statistics and survey data, provides interviews with real people from showbiz industry to real life situations.

The way I see it, where she stands is an equilibrium point, as to some might sound debatable, but far from any kind of feminist extremism, drastic measures to bring into surface “the women empowerment”, radical opinions on men vs women” (I am glad there is no such thing in it).

She brings mere facts of how our society has changed into the one we live in, how hypersexualized it has become, how women consent their own objectifying and see it as a path for higher achievement, how the rest of women and men alike take it for granted and continue acting as this is normality.

Let me be clear, this is not a review of the book, I want to tell something disturbing about it, related to me.

See the cover? Catchy isn’t it? Yes. And it’s in tune with what comes next in the book.

I was in a coffee shop reading it… At some point I see people staring at me, young, old, no age or gender discrimination. “That is awkward” I thought. I kept minding my own business, but people would pass me by and keep staring.

They weren’t staring at me, they were staring at the cover… and then at me with a scornful face and some others with a perv one. In both cases it made me feel uncomfortable. I got immediately self-conscious and attempted to… hhmmm cover the cover from the prying eyes around me.

And again it didn’t feel ok.

I felt guilty. Not towards the crowd watching but towards me. Why I would I need to hide what I am reading? Just because of a “non orthodox” cover?

Truth be told, that moment I felt small and no different from them. I was unconsciously obliging to what society asks of me, and “fitting in” by their rules, when in fact I was doing nothing wrong.

Yeah, it is disturbing. But at the same time, it gives me a lot to think. The long way I have ahead of me.


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6 thoughts on “Cover the Cover”

  1. How others react to our actions does have an impact. As I have gotten older, I care a lot less because I know that no one is perfect and for each person who has time to judge, he/she could too be judged but I have no time for that

    1. Thank you so much for reading my post 🙂 yes it's so true. I guess when you grow up and get older, you understand thoroughly a few things, focusing on what is truly important.


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