(Don’t) Try that Hard

I will keep it real short today, since my creative nerve is not feeling that creative. Nevertheless, today’s daily prompt, unquestionably leads to thinking the opposite. The predictable or how much we try to be able to predict, foresee, forecast then create and meet expectations, based on what the future shall be, accordingly.

No matter the insight and the knowledge, as humans we are not able to predict what is going to happen… Even in case we are interested in specific topic and ask a bunch of experts for any kind of forecast… still the chances are high that also experts might turn out to be as “unreliable” as the rest of us commoners. As much as we try to include all possible variables and options… That’s why, unpredictable is also such a common adjective, isn’t it.

Despite that, we never stop trying, do we? We just can’t sease to not try and predict or prevent some situations from occurring. That’s exactly why, sometimes the “unpredictable” happens… and well as usual we didn’t see it coming.

The unpredictable that becomes reality, doesn’t teach a lesson in not trying to predict anymore 😉 teaches us, to think better of our actions before turning them into reality 😉

P.S I apologize for the typos. I am running late. xoxo


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