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I don’t know if you have already seen the movie, but anyway I hope I am not spoiling all the fun. Oh man, it was fun. Absolutely hilarious and somehow extreme. I mean the situations (the fun parts) were a bit over the board… maybe that’s what made it unbelievably hilarious.

I love this scene!


1. This is not a real review. It’s a general brief of the plot so it’s easier for me to pass on the crucial topic I want to discuss.

  1. There is a lot of swearing and cursing in the movie. I don’t mind, but maybe little kids watching it… hhmmm I wouldn’t be that sure about that. I mean, I used to watch movies when I was little and no movie discrimination was involved in the process. Nothing wrong happened to me, except my dirty mind, the swearing (I can swear in lots of different foreign languages and I am very eager to learn some more.  Proud of my parents and how they raised me! It might sound sarcastic, but it’s not. I mean it. Ok, enough rambling and moving on!)

The movie is about seniors’ last day of high school. A very nice teacher, the English teacher is very passionate about his job, but most importantly about not losing it, considering his particular family situation. Thing is that, on the last day, every school teacher needs to make a statement in front of the inspector, who decides if the teachers will keep their jobs or not. Apparently a lot is going on as the government needs to cut costs and funds.

Then we have the fierce teacher, who is pretty famous for his… hhmmm unorthodox methods. Well at some point he crosses the line and the nice guy snitches on him. This is where the “drama” begins, the fierce teacher chasing after the nice one, declaring a fist fight at 3 pm when school hours are officially over.

So the movie evolves with a pretty fast rhythm  between all kind of ingenious school kids’ pranks, crazy swearing teachers, some of them being fired, a principal who doesn’t give a damn about the school anymore, a counseler… Oh well she is a piece of work ahahahah (no spoilers ? as promised) and the nice guy’s family situation.

Basically, these two are going to fight each other for the sake of… Eheheh now, you will have to excuse me but my lips fingers are sealed :p. No other movie detail is going to be revealed in this post, hoping I didn’t reveal that much in the first place. I don’t know, you tell me.

Besides the fun, as obviously this is a comedy, reading between the lines the message is pretty clear. USA’s public education institutions nowadays are in a serious crisis. Don’t get me wrong, I am no expert, I have no data, numbers or whatsoever, I have no information but the way I see it, this movie it’s what it talks about. The government wants to cut funds by firing teachers, classroom overpopulation , cutting costs on essential education tools. The situation is out of control, as the kids are out of control. Besides pranks, they deal and do drugs, they do not study, they look like they are free to do whatever they want and get their way with it. I honestly don’t know what was the reaction in the USA about this movie, but there might have been some angry comments about it and no surprise in that.

On the other hand I do know, what is currently happening in Albania. The education system has failed, these last 27 years of transitioning from the communism regime to democracy. In fact the last educational reform is negatively influencing the college or university students’ education. Differently from a lot of other countries, in Albania public universities cost less and for the time being count more on credibility. However this is also changing, university fees are becoming more and more expensive with time and the teaching quality, classrooms, labs, tools are just deteriorating. The other “funny” thing with the reform is that, if you apply for the public University there is a huge chance you won’t get in, being forced to start your studies in a private one, if you want to study that is, and of course if you or your parents can afford it. Why? Because of some corrupted politicians’ business interests on private schooling/university institutions. Simple as that.

Despite the fun, I couldn’t help but think what’s becoming of the societies we live in and how the education failures are affecting us. There are other countries that have managed to sort it out though. I really hope we are clever enough to take these good examples and start adopting the helpful improving methods sooner rather than later.

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