Feisty Little Mermaid


“So what on earth were you thinking?”

“What are you talking about? Don’t blame it on me? It’s Andersen’s fault! Not mine!”


“Yeah, he has got a thing for tragic, sad, doomed from the beginning, love stories. If it was for me, I was quite ok down in the ocean. I mean I was a Princess for Poseidon’s sake. Young and beautiful, a mesmerizing voice… And would give that all up for a…”

“A man?”

“A pair of nice legs… do you understand? Besides my shiny tail is amazing. What’s wrong with it? If the Prince wanted me, he should have accepted me for what I was. Period!”

“Oh Ariel, I thought you were just another sweet…”

“But weak, right? No, Sir! I am certainly not. My papa taught me to stand up for myself!”

“Well you did save the Prince. Which was a noble act from your part. But all the rest was way too much… really.”

“He needed help. Of curse I would save him. That’s the Mermaid Code of Honor. But that was it. Now the world thinks “Oh Poor Little Mermaid” so beautiful, so kind, so nice… so dumb.”

“In the Disney movie however, you end up with him, happily ever after. Although in the real story you actually die… Committing suicide… Yuck ”

“Exactly! Do you imagine any kid, actually wanting to see that movie again, if I were to die? The answer is quite simple. NO.”

“Oh I see you quite worked up… Hhmmm…”

“Well, of course, I am all about feminism. Trading off your voice, youuuuur voice to speak your mind, to show your thoughts to the world for a pair of legs… Tricky isn’t it? The Prince fell in love with his savior and her voice, not her body! That’s what girls need to understand.”

“Hahaha what? Be it fish or mammal it doesn’t make any difference?”

“Hey, I am being serious here, show some respect. All I am saying is that girls, women are not mere toned bodies and beautiful faces. The physical beauty is part of who they are, but it shouldn’t be just about it. The whole puzzle, all the pieces, we are made of makes us special as human beings and women.”

“Technically speaking, you are not the fittest example of a human being.”

“On the other hand, you are the fittest example of an idiot, Kristina.”

“Ok, hahaha, I am not taking it personally. You are a very tough girl, Ariel. For real.”

“Hhhhmmm… thanks. Don’t be stupid K. Tell other girls the same. You all, are worth more than just physical appearance. If you see that, the whole world will and things might change for the better. ”

“I agree with you Ariel. I absolutely do. It’s of major importance and quite urgent, I think.”

“Speaking of fit… I have to hit the gym now… Can you imagine that Ursula comes at the same gym as I do? And she takes the same classes… Aaaarrrgghhhh…. And by the way, my real name is not Ariel. Hehehe.”

“What? What is it then?”

“It’s Axxxx…. ”

“I can’t hear you! Come again?”


P.S. Last week I wrote another post, where I engage in a very intense conversation with Peter Pan ;). If you want a good laugh, then you are more than welcomed to read it ^_^.

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  1. You are so good! Your page also seems very interesting and also inspired me tons , as I just started a new blog!! Keep blogging!

    1. Thank you so much Ashvi ^_^. I am very glad you like it and very happy that it gave you some inspiration. You have a great blog as well. I am looking forward to read more from you 😀

  2. You've managed to give off such an important message in such a light,funny absolutely witty tone. You're great at writing. I am officially hooked 🙂 Have subscribed too Kristina. More love your way! <3


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