Good Bad :p

I think we all know the importance of being always tuned with positivity . Choose good examples in order to be the next good example to somebody else. Do I virtually sense, someone nodding? 😀

You deliberately choose to stay with people who support you, people who share the same values. And it might sound tricky, as when I say values it doesn’t mean having the same perspective and it really  makes the difference, because you will be mentally challenged. When it comes to improvement, challenge is a key word. Cool!


Okay, so to cut it short, you choose people, worthy of your affection and trust right? And everyone keeps saying stay away from bad, destructive influence.

What no one ever says, is how you actually manage to do that? Because, you just leaving, well it’s not the best way to handle it and most of the times it’s not even possible.

We all have, as for instance irritating relatives? Mean class mates? Back stabbing colleagues? Horrible bosses? You can’t just avoid them, right?

My tip is, if you know who you want to be, if you know the kind of people you want to be surrounded with, GOOD. However this means, that you also know, who you don’t want to be. Who can better set that kind of example than the bad influencers? Makes sense, doesn’t it.

In other words, don’t be obsessed with sticking with the “good” and at the same time running away from the “bad”. Bad is not always that bad. You can learn from bad the same way, you can learn from good. And the sooner you realize that learning as a tricky process will make you walk hazardous paths, the better.

In case you get this philosophy you are intelligent, in case you are able to live by it, bloody hell, you are a genius… and I am green with envy. Why? Living by it, means awareness. Awareness, to not take things too lightly, but when necessary not even too seriously though. It means, perseverance. Perseverance to not take things for granted, which in the long-term becomes difficult. It means, focus. Focus to deliberately put in practice your senses.

Remember, blindness is a choice. Choose wisely.


2 thoughts on “Good Bad :p”

  1. Bottom line - no regrets and learn to say 'no'. always helps in choosing! interesting topic. well written.


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