Happy Birthday To My Blog


I was so excited the first day, when my first post was published and I still am. Writing has been a “partner in crime” during all my life, not that I attempt to create a writing lab, but it has always soothed me, as bringing my thoughts to life, is like breaking my whole being into thousands fractions. It might look weird, but that’s my way of being complete, being a puzzle and switching my pieces from time to time. That’s a way that makes me feel alive, because it’s not easy, because it’s hard, thus I still keep learning.

I imagine an invisible, virtual wire linking our minds to each other and we wait, while scattered in a perfect maze, called Earth. The funny part is that we are completely oblivious about it, and quite often we don’t even care.

We are the nodes to make this link a whole and the net is always there… Some parts of the net are in sleep mode, waiting to become active… When we interact with each other, as for example here in the blogosphere it is not just servers, subnet, routing algorithms and protocols or the ultimate technical devices taking action.  It’s what happens with our minds. We meet, we bond, although most of the time virtually, but the results are the same powerful or even more, I dare to say.

This is our power, which frequently being so carefree and sometimes even careless, we lack the attention, to notice, as when by exchanging we are transforming; words become more than words and images are more than mere images.

Everything our mind produces has a material impact, through thoughts, opinions, honing skills, acquiring knowledge, emotions, feelings and the first being affected, it’s our own selves. It spreads gradually through the chain pieces, while the wires keep us connected.

Today, I celebrate the power of my words, hoping that who reads what I write finds it helpful, useful, relaxing, motivating, entertaining. It’s just a grain of salt in ocean water… and there are zillions out there, but the ocean still needs all of them, doesn’t it?




10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To My Blog”

  1. Congratulations on your blog dear Chris! I'm always looking up for your new posts!
    Your loyal visitor 🙂

  2. I love that while your blog is still young it has grown tremendously with each post! It is great to see new projects unfold. I would suggest more use of headings for easier reading and increased site traffic generated from organic search engine results. Be sure to dig through my archives to locate an older article which depicts how I found my blog on Google post after one week of consistent blogging.

  3. Congratulations!
    You very well put it across "Words become more than words" (and i would like to add on) when they happen to meet the soul who needs them the most at the time when they are giving up. They are inspiration, they are a ray of hope and sometimes they are the only thing needed for us to give us our biggest break. Great going friend 🙂

    1. Wow thank you so much for your kind words Komal :). They mean a lot to me. It's been two months now 😀
      And yes I agree with you absolutely. That's the beauty of blogging, I guess.


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