Here it comes…

S:”I am  not going to make it! I am telling you!”
M:”Of course, you are, don’t be ridiculous! You are so smart and brilliant.”

S:”It has got nothing to do with that, I am scared! I can’t talk in front of so many people! My heart beats fast, my cheeks will be flushing red, my  voice trembling, I will be scratching my throat because it feels like choking… I am going to make a fool of myself and everyone will laugh at me…”

M:”Oh I really don’t get it. What are you so afraid of? Cowardice has never qualified you.”

S:”This is Public Speaking, we are talking about! PUBLIC SPEAKING! The big bad Monster, haunting me, since forever!”

M:”Weird though, you have never been shy as a child, quite the opposite. A shameless brat, looking for constant attention.”

S:”Mom, why don’t you listen to me?”

M:”Honey, I aaaamm. I’m trying to help you out. Hey what do you think of a couple of shots….”

S:”Seriously? Alcohol? I am having a nervous breakdown and all you can come out with is “a couple of shots”?”

M:”Just saying… what’s the big deal?”

S:”You are supposed to be the adult here…. what kind of mother are you…”

M:”One of the very few remained on earth with exceptional ideas for problem solving. What kind of ungrateful daughter are you? Anyway, sweet heart, I can only suggest you one thing: when you are going to speak in front of your huge audience, think of those people like little “pieces of sh**”…”

S: “Can we have a serious conversation, please, otherwise I’m out!!!”

M:”I am dead serious! Yes, imagine that in the seats in front of you, there are just a bunch of pieces of sh** that know nothing about what you are talking about. Besides honey, most of them do not even care, they won’t listen… it’s not like you have something of such a great importance to say anyway!”

S: “Reverse psychology? Trying it on me?”

M: “Well, I tried!!”

S: “Uuuuffffff…. what about the professors? The ones that have been lecturing me for all these years, how does it work with them?”

M: “They are just OLD piece of ….”

S: “I gooooooot ya, yep, I think I had enough!”

M: “Honey, I can’t prevent you from fears, neither can you. It’s ok to be afraid, being overcome by it on the other hand, that’s a problem. Getting out of the comfort zone, is never easy for anyone, we all have our limits, but dreading the moment stops you from savouring it or worse  choosing to retreat will disable you from improvement and learning. It’s a challenge, just like many more, you will face. You get to say “how” and “what”.

All the bad feelings, should not keep you from doing it. Probably, you are not going to shine at first, I can’t lie, not all people expect you to succeed, probably some of them expect failure, and yes you are going to fail, but you will survive, learn the lesson and move forward with head held up high.

This is a very important moment for you, it’s the “crowning” of 3 years, you worked so hard for. Do you really think you can escape forever? Big bad monsters have to be defeated not run away from, otherwise they will be always chasing after you, and every single “next” time will be harder to handle.”

S: “Thanks mom!”

M: “See, your mother is not that crazy after all!”

S: “Hahahahaha!”

M: “You sure about the shots… ?”

S: “Moooooooomm…”





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