So, I signed up for a free online course “developing your eye”. It’s a photography course available on WordPress platform. The first assignment was “home” themed. The beauty of it is that it’s unconventional, not necessarily a home… home is where your heart is, right? So I let my imagination do the thing, which enabled a new perspective and my lens captured things I related to home… not some mere building or a room… not fancy but pieces of the reality I live in… this bar for example where I come lots of times for a cup of coffee and raki ?. 

And wires… it looks raw doesn’t it? But in Tirana, it’s pretty common. I remember, friends of mine, foreigners finding this very odd… as abroad it’s unusual… while to us is normality… it passes unnoticed and very ordinary… but it’s a peculiar feature of Albanian cities…  all sorts of wires in open air. 

If you are thinking that my pics suck… well you are right. I have no formidable skills in photo shooting whatsoever, however I am training my eye to see things that were always there, but it wasn’t able to, which is a good start. 

xoxo #kristinakoti


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