How do I schedule?

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It’s not always that easy to keep up with our busy lives.

Work schedule. School or university schedule. Personal life schedule and so on. So many errands to run and sometimes it feels so little time, that we barely manage to breathe.

This post is not on how to schedule or what to schedule. Our lives are so dynamic that there is no way we can make a fitting guide to meet all our needs. What works fine for me today, won’t work tomorrow, the important thing is to have a few tips to make scheduling easier.

  • Don’t procrastinate. Don’t assume you will have enough time tomorrow to do something you could have easily handled today. Your time is your money. Make time today, to have more to invest tomorrow on something else profitable.
  • Set priorities. It’s easier with the stuff we like. We are happy, efficient, it looks like we can go on for hours and still feels like mere minutes have passed. Prioritize the “boring” stuff. You will have to do them anyway. When you don’t experience joy in something you are doing, your brain needs more energy, more concentration, thus you get easily tired. The easy strategy: “If I do these now and fast, I will have enough time to do the things I like later.”
  • Set deadlines and counter activity. To deliver the completed work in time is a challenge. When working, or studying, it’s other people setting deadlines for us, and we have to comply, right? Be your own boss! Set your own deadlines to complete things. Set a timer: “I will spend 2 hours on my blog today reading my followers’ work. And an extra hour to review my post.” Most importantly respect them. If you already know, you will drag along and will be probably making up excuses… assign this duty to a friend, or partner who will be more diligent than you are at this.
  • Waiting? You are waiting for a go answer from your boss, colleague, professor. Instead of slamming your pen on your desk, fill the waiting time with the things you have to do next. As soon as you have the needed information, go ahead as… well… as scheduled.
  • Take a break. Yes, as crazy as it might sound, when you think you don’t have enough time to breathe let alone taking a break but seriously do it. Your body will be eternally grateful, your brain, your eyes, your muscles. In the meanwhile, praise yourself for the hard work and your accomplishments. No, you are not overdoing it with generosity, so don’t worry 🙂
  • Check and go. Check what you have done so far, and your performance to meet the established targets. Summarize briefly what you need to do and carry on.

Happy scheduling! 😉

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  1. I loved the picture the moment i clicked on the article. Its so you; the typing machine, an old book and the catchy! And it feels predictable at first, what im going to read. But then its awesome and very valuable that everytime i read smth you write, im still surprised and i learn that you can never be predictable. You amaze me!


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