How to see the world

I am not going to teach you how… No one is going to do that, however there are means by which you can learn more on how to see the world and what’s happening around you.
The book “How to see the world” by Nicholas Mirzoeff looks like a short manual or guide that contains some basic information, you absolutely need to know but at the same time the definitions, notions are fully explained with details, examples, situations, history circumstances and events.

This makes it a brilliant read, fast and easy. In two words, it’s a win-win!
Well, quite a lot of the data provided is already worldwide known so maybe there will be no significant news for some of you, but it’s not related to the core meaning of news. We all have heard or read about some occurrences of the past such as the Arab Spring, Argentinian protests, OWS movement etc. The fun part of the book is the interpretation of all the facts, how everything is connected through digital networking, social media and their “contribution” in today’s world development. There is this natural fluidity in describing phenomena in showing how our society has been changing and how social media is impacting this change. The globalization effects, the definition of “Global Cities”, “Rebel Cities”, “Visual Culture” and how it is affecting even our everyday lives, right from the very selfies, how we see ourselves, how we want to be seen, what we represent or even who/what/how we want to be represented, it’s all in this book.
It might change your point of view (it changed mine) making you give a deeper thought about some things such as “What does it mean to be put on the shade?”, “What’s sexual identity?”, “How does one live and adapt to sexual identity?”, “What’s the meaning of queering, meaning of vogue and everything began in the 80s”… I am intentionally vague, in order to trigger some curiosity, not too much… just a little bit :p

Kennedy’s famous quote “Ich bin ein Berliner”. Find out more in the book. Postcards from Berlin

I know I have said this countless of times, about books I read, but seriously this one is amazing on a whole different level. Maybe I am just lucky enough to repeatedly read good books, so it’s easier for you guys to make your choice, as I am the one recommending them, and I can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed. It might sound weird, but reading it, I felt like my inner self was approving saying “Yep, really good choice! Yep, I see knowledge here, deep, expanded awareness… ” Hhmmm you know what I mean? Well, yeah this was the feeling I got. I admit that I was reluctant in the beginning about the book, to buy it or not… I didn’t really convince me that much… but I am glad that I did and definitely you can’t judge by a cover… well maybe the cover (at least for this edition) sucks… it doesn’t match the content, specially when we are talking about “visual culture”.

Read it and tell me what do you think about it… 
xoxo #kristinakoti


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