Italian ChaT IV



No need to rush, Marsia takes the fashionably late concept to a complete superior level. So I can roam on my own for a while, enjoying wind‘s futile attempts to block my steps.

So born on 1935 huh… this means she’s like 80 years old… and she looks so young… I didn’t get it, so her parents died soon after Alessio left? And the fire she was talking about? She lost the journals, now that’s a pity, I would have loved to take a look at them and take some notes… Notes… oooohhhhh how troublesome, the editorial, I don’t know where to start.

Ok, so it means that I will work on it, while waiting for Marsia… if only I could actually concentrate…

TESOROOOOOOO ECCOMI FINALMENTE!” Marsia exclaims, and all heads turned in our direction. Perfect, just perfect.

(Dear, here I am finally!)

“You are late… as always!”

Oh ma quanto sei pignola pure tu…. Non ci crederai, sai chi ho visto? Paola Bellini, una delle assistenti del direttore generale di Vogue Italia. Mi ha chiesto di vederci uno di questi giorni e di parlare di un pó di progetti insieme. Stanno cercando le modelle, per i concorsi dei designer. Te lo immagini se mi fanno partecipare? Vogue Italia, ti rendi conto, per non parlare di tutti i stilisti che saranno presenti…. Ecco ci siamo, un’ opportunitá!

(Oh, aren’t you a fussy one… You won’t believe it, do you know who I just saw? Paola Bellini, one of the general director assistants of Vogue Italy. She asked me to see each other one of these days, to talk about some projects. Looking for models, the designers competitions. Can you imagine if they take me? It’s Vogue Italy, not to mention all the designers who will take part. Now this is it, an opportunity.)

“Great! I am so happy for you, when are you going to meet her?”

Verso questi giorni, vediamo. Senti ma potresti interessarti o no?

(During these days, we shall see. Listen, it can be of your interest or not?)

“To do what exactly?”

“Oh c’mon Dora, you know what I mean, you running the whole thing. You can do it, you are persistent, determined and very talented. This is a great shot for you and your career…”

“Marsia wait, you rushing too much into this, no one will let me run that event on my own. You know that, I am too young and too inexperienced, can you imagine, all the office will go out for blood… My blood!”

Siiiiii ho capito, ma tu almeno provaci nooo? Che ti costa? Tu hai ordinato?

(Yeeeeeeeaaahh, I understand, but you can at least try, or not? What is there to lose? Did you order?)


Ok, vado anche io ad ordinare, il mio té alle erbe…

(Ok, I am going to order as well, my herbal tea…)


“So tell me what have you been up to lately?”

Beh, sai quel progetto no. Ho terminato quello, adesso sto disperatamente cercando altro… ma possiamo parlare in italiano, sembra strano metá in inglese….”

(Well, you know that project. I finished that one, now I am desperately looking for more, but we can talk in Italian, it looks awkward half in English…)

“You know how I feel about it, I don’t like it, only when it is extremely necessary… like work…”

“Dora, you are a weirdo, I don’t get it, besides you are Italian after all!!!”

“Half It…”

Si ma intendo che comunque, madre lingua ita…

(Yes, but I mean that anyway, mother tongue Ita…)

“Actually, literally speaking, my mother is Albanian, remember? So Albanian is my mother tongue… ”

“Ok, I get it… Have you talked to him?”

“What are you talking about?”

“You know perfectly well what I am talking about, your dad!”

“No, and I have no intention to talk to him!”

“Well, I think he could really help you with your work and career and everything…”

“That’s the problem Marsia, that’s all you care about. I don’t need and most importantly I don’t want his help. I prefer making it on my own, not owing him or anyone anything. You get that?”

“Listen, I know it’s hard… Well I don’t actually, my parents are both sweet hearts…. Anyway, I understand, but what I know is also that people should talk and hear each other out. You should hear his version of the story. You keep holding a grudge that only makes you angrier and bitter. And it’s not about help or influence, he will always be your father, like it or not. He is the only family you’ve got.”

“Yeah, and whose fault is that?”

“I am not telling you to forget, or… that’s something that it should come naturally from you, but you can be rational enough, and give him the chance to explain…”

“Or to forgive? That’s what you meant? He lies, Marsia, that’s what he does! That’s what he did with my mother, and we know both very well how that story ended! I appreciate your effort, I know you are trying to help, but I really don’t want to talk about it anymore.”

“Ok, don’t just take the part that suits your interest. But fine then. It’s your decision, your choice and I respect it, but you are making a mistake. Hey what about the exams? Did you finish them already?”

“Noooo, hhuuuhhh I am way behind, need to study, but looks like I can’t or don’t want to…”

“Oh Dora, I know that sometimes I look like a superficial silly girl. I mean I am a model, a blonde and beautiful one, modesty aside, I know I fit in the typical stereotypes, but I get it, you are not happy. You don’t need to have it all figured out, to be happy or at least some peace of mind, that eventually you are going to work it out. Have a little faith, sweetheart!”

“Oh, Marsia, I never in a million years, could have thought to hear such a pearl of wisdom coming from you… Wow!” I said laughing, but my heart was melting from her kind words.

“Oh you silly girl, come here let me hug you. Sai che ti voglio bene, vero?

I came closer to hug her ” Yeah I know. I love you too, blonde!”

End Part IV

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