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Suddenly I feel like a drained, brown bonsai.  Hang on, brown? But why? I used to be a wonderful, cheerful bonsai, where did my cheer leading leaves go? What about what they call prosperity?

The hardest part of motivation is self motivation!

The whole motivation topic is no piece of cake, only if it was one of my mother’s, baking or cooking not her thing generally.

Well, if we split:

You: motivation mode ON + Team: motivation mode ON

Perfect situation!

You: motivation mode ON +  Team: motivation mode OFF

You can work it out and bring ideally the result in the top.

You: motivation mode OFF + Team: Motivation mode ON

It’s not going to take long before this switches into:

You: motivation mode OFF + Team: Motivation OFF

Now this is really really bad, but not definitive.

I have a wonderful working team, which I have also mentioned a while ago on one of my posts. A team which has also motivated me quite a lot, and I can’t even describe how appreciative and grateful I am.

Maybe, I sound boring and cliché’ by saying that, but I need to be fair.

It’s not working anymore. I am having a very difficult time to motivate myself.

Look at the picture below.

Trying to motivate Myself… (sigh)

If I turn around though, besides the team I am leading, I don’t see “anyone” else… well besides the backstabbing b$@&h I have told you about and some other “strategic” chess pieces that have demands, focused on costs and targets, turning the blind eye as it suits them best. If the work gets done, who cares who does it and well the credit, oh cmon it’s still ok.

I am not making up excuses, or finding means to be flattered, I think I am having a tough period, everyone does from time to time, so I am having mine and it will get better, eventually.

The important thing is to keep it on check. I am aware of how I feel and what’s missing. I refuse to let it slide and become a routine state of being or working though.

So I realize I have a motivation depletion right now. I am in no condition to force myself, like really force myself out of it. However I am not going to stress or worry about it, since I can’t change the people I work with or the way I feel about “this”.

I can on the other hand, fill the rest of the day with joyful and happy thoughts or activities, except shopping I really need to put that to a stop really.

What do you do in these cases? Comment below and let me know 🙂

xoxo #kristinakoti




4 thoughts on “Keep up with motivation”

  1. Fabulous line: "I refuse to let it slide and become a routine state of being or working though." For me, I've found that when I really hit a wall, it's better for me to take a break, stop, and relax for a bit. Then, once I've cleared my head and de-stressed, I can come back and my motivation is a bit better. 😉

    Great post. Thanks for sharing!


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