Let’s really focus

This week has been testing on many levels, and added to that feeling like a lorry truck has  ran me over. And over. And over, since the beginning on Monday. Work has been messy and busy and a bunch of job interviews, let’s see really.

I haven’t been in the right mind to actually write or even scribble anything. My mother asked me the other day, if I have been writing…

I was thinking that, I usually finish the things I have to, specially meeting deadlines. Apparently when it comes to me and things I might want to do for myself, even when it’s about improvement, acquiring more knowledge, honing skills, I have been procrastinating lately always pushing for “a bit later”. Not a very good sign.

The point is that, I am getting worried. And maybe it’s not even the right day, but then I think again of procrastination and stuff like: “I have a lot on my mind now, so I can’t…” Which simply put, is a bad excuse and it remains an excuse nevertheless. What that really sounds like is: “I really don’t want to do it. I don’t feel like it.” “I am taking care of so many things right now, so I will have to think about it later.”

Ok, later when?  “When I have some more time?” Let’s set a time/date. Come on. Give me something more specific. It feels like that, doesn’t it.

I have a few ideas, but I want to make sure to actually,  be able enough to stick to them. Or the more appropriate strategy, is actually study, do some homework and weight if these ideas are really good.

However, I “force” myself to just focus on the positive. I owe it to myself.

I hear the sounds of bulbs switching on…

xoxo #kristinakoti



2 thoughts on “Let’s really focus”

  1. As always, positive thinking even in 'bad mood' days. Keep going young lady, you are a true inspiration ✌?️


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