Little incidents

I wake up with a terrible headache and being Sunday, I really would enjoy procrastinating in my cool room away from the sunny heat.

I decide nevertheless to take a shower, and it’s already too late that my shampoo is finished and forgot to buy a new one. Take my mom’s, it’s ok.

Right in the middle of the shower, I run out of hot water and then I think “It’s ok, it’s summer, some cold water besides the goosebumps is not a big deal.

Then while still in my towel, I look for what to wear and thinking that I have nothing to wear,although it looks like my closet is about to explode but it’s just because it’s too small… or I am too messy and untidy… or I like the small version better…

Then while still in my towel, I can’t comb my hair… it looks like a wizard put a spell and the “chestnut” happened and I am not talking about the color… Speaking of wizard, J.K. Rowling did it again ?. Now how do I get the books easily… while living in Albania. I could order them online, but our brilliant government thought to apply additional tax for any purchase above 22 euros… Now if that isn’t dramatic at the least I don’t know what…

Running my errands and trying to work out my mess, with my friends. Looks like I forgot one appointment, making another one instead and then cancel the second… what’s my grade for social life planning? Don’t answer. It’s obviously rhetorical.

In the middle of that, my mom is chasing after me with a newspaper telling me about good writers, outstanding journalists and nagging me about translating my articles in Albanian or vv.

I think of drying my hair, but it’s too hot and well my hairdryer got really hot last time that it snapped…

Then I want to watch “Lucky number Slevin” one of my favorites. But what I have in store is in Italian and I really don’t want to watch it in Italian, who by the way have this weird habit of translating titles into something not even closely related most of the time like “Slevin Patto criminale” (Slevin criminal deal) or “Horrible Bosses” “Come amazzare il capo e vivere felici” (How to kill your boss and live happily after) you know what I mean? Then I recall why I have it in Italian in the first place, it’s my bestie forcing me to watch stuff in Italian, never been fond of English… but she is learning now, HAD to and I say well… Karma.

Ok, how about watching it in English, getting it online? Hhhmmm I would if I had internet connection and not write my post from my cell phone…

Now isn’t it all “dramatic” so dramatic that it actually makes me laugh… hhmm no pictures today. I had no idea what to photograph… me in a towel. No, not a good idea.

P.S. All the dramatic little incidents if have occurred somewhere, it has been in a different parallel universe, not in this one, not in mine!

xoxo #kristinakoti


8 thoughts on “Little incidents”

  1. No pictures today, but the first category "Uncategorized"... and back again with "P.S" . Keep writing, we enjoy your articles!!! 🙂

    1. Hi Julie thank you for being the avid reader you are ? yeah today I really wasn't in the mood. I will keep writing and hopefully meet the expectations ?

  2. [Found you at Community Pool]...You day wasn't boring was it, and it kept you on your toes. That's the one thing about life's challenges. We have to brave them to get from point A to point B. If you are fortunate to have a fun time doing this, all the better I think. Although I chuckled reading about your Sunday, I couldn't help but wonder...what went your way? We tend to recognize what isn't working, as opposed to what is. Maybe you'll soon write a post about your day when you make it a point to notice all of your highest and best moments.

    1. Well it kind of was actually. There are many days when I have written about my highest and best moments as you say, for instance: or or or or and many more 😀 thanks for reading me.


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