Make Noo Uup

My make up jar 🙂


“You look fabulous with no make up!”

How many of you have said this to your girlfriend, fiance, wife? How many of you have heard this?

Now the million dollar question: how many of you do actually believe it? Both parts.

Personally I love make up. I don’t wear too much because to me it feels like my facial features make it easier to look like a drag queen if I just slightly overdo it, so to me “less is more”=gold.I keep it simple and close to natural as much as possible. P.S. even less during summer time, heat and sweat are already heavy enough, adding the melting mix of cosmetics not the best formula to guarantee an appealing look.

Why do we wear it in the first place?

-To enhance the beauty of our features

-To hide some flaws or skin problems

To look beautiful. Yes. Acceptable for society? Yes. Both male and female population included.

-Hide some kind of insecurity. No let me rephrase it: to show more confidence and be more secure.

I am not really the type of person that can’t leave my habitat without make up because I would feel naked and choose to die first, but honestly when I have to take pictures of me, I prefer the Me wearing make up. Besides I am not the perfect example of photogenic so yes, “modelling” for photos is not my forte.

Thing is that lots of girls in Albania, start wearing too much make up at a young age. I am not referring to nights out only but also early in the morning when going to work, universities or even worse high school.

Some of us feel the pressure to keep up and the urge to submit to this mass due to “unfair competition”. Besides it is a common and also mistaken assumption that if you don’t wear enough make up to make it notice then you don’t take care of your personal appearance and from here the trail goes on to how much do you earn, your job status, your education status, your marital one to eventual psychological and deep self-esteem issues.

While men look to have other burden to carry, making their beloved feeling good no matter how terrible she looks with messy hair, dark circled eyes, tired yellowish skin… (that’s me waking up!)

So between the being told you look good with no make and feeling like a trash without it, is kind of difficult what to believe and what to do.

I think the best way is: experiment to find out what you like and stick with what makes you feel comfortable. Keep experimenting. That’s the key:

you try -> you fail -> you improve-> you dislike->go back to the beginning until: you like-> try something else. 🙂

Let’s be honest, the majority saying the “NO make up natural” means “make up natural”. 

See the difference in my pictures below:

Literally make up free
Make up-natural look

Now, for the second one I took several shots in order to find the best angle.

The natural look required: hydrating cream, primer, eye corrector, cream foundation, 2 different tones of blush, mascara, lipstick. You do the math 😉

Besides me taking a make up free picture, no kind of filters applied made so much harder but I succeeded 🙂

So how about you? How do you find wearing make up or not? What do you think of wearing it and how much?

Let me know in the comments below 🙂

xoxo #kristinakoti


8 thoughts on “Make Noo Uup”

  1. You definitely look good without makeup. A lot of women won't leave the house without wearing makeup because they look really bad without it. Too many years of wearing makeup every day sucked the life out of their skin.


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