Mayor: You Are Pathetic

I was very eager to hear your hhhmmm how should we call it, interview, explanation dear Mayor. Or is it, coming clean? Which it makes me laugh from deep bitterness, as it wasn’t coming clean at the least.

This national TV show was another advertisement to your demagogic and filthy propaganda.

All you had to say is that you have done such an amazing work with Tirana. You are improving this city’s lifestyle and infrastructure? Hmm is this, for instance? It’s been almost 2 months that the very center of the city is in such a state. I pass by, every single day, and I see no difference… for 2 months, not a single one.




Do I need to mention, that almost a year ago you raised the public transportation fees, as you were to improve the overall passengers’ experience??? Nothing has changed, and from what I have been told, you are going to raise the price, again.

What is it that you are so proud of? Oh, you mention that due to a running contest last weekend plus a foreign opera in the theaters and God knows what, every single, well-known, fancy hotel in Tirana was booked? That tourists had to book in Durres hotels, to have a bed to sleep? Is this where you take pride from as a Mayor? Seriously?

You are committed to build kindergartens and more schools, because that’s your holy duty and you are carrying on, no matter what, no matter who is badmouthing you… Seriously? That’s not even the point. You are deliberately insulting my intelligence!

There is a landfill, where people have died. On August the 7th a 17-year-old kid died, in unknown circumstances. What’s your answer to that?

We are investigating. This was a terrible occurrence? Again seriously? Is this all you have to say?

Tell us something we don’t know, dear Mayor. A kid, an underage citizen working in this Landfill. Is it ok? Did he have any kind of insurance? Could it possibly be? Where are the businessmen or the entrepreneurs running the 3R company? Why these contracts and agreements look so foggy? Please answer that, Mayor. That’s what we need to know.

But you can’t, can you? You keep saying the same thing, which is absolutely nothing. You keep evading the crucial topic of the conversation, switching the attention on the so-called achievement of yours. You simply keep saying, that there are bad, infamous people who want to ruin your reputation and your great work and shadow your endeavours for a better Tirana. But you are so tough and all mighty that you don’t care. You limit to show us the future, magnificent plans you have in mind…

I really don’t know what’s sadder: You? That individual who calls himself a journalist and he is also the editor in chief of the Information Department on a national TV, with the responsibility to show and tell the truth backed up with unquestionable solid proof?

This was just a good excuse, to “show” the world that you have nothing “to hide”. A good excuse for more bullshit, sickening propaganda. A good excuse to show us that you have no fear to confront a bunch of analysts, maybe censured ones, who knows really….?

I am still waiting for answers though, because I haven’t yet received any!



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