My Motivation Heroes

It can be from the people we surround ourselves with, from celebrities and their biographies, movies, song lyrics, and books.
So this what I am talking about today, my list of motivating books.  You are probably  thinking that I don’t read that much… considering the length of the list, haha. True, I should probably read more and I am looking forward to add more and more motivating titles to this humble list. To me this is “crème de la crème” so far. Oh, needless to say that you are absolutely free to share yours in the comments.

Here we go with the mind stretching bunch:

  1. “Black Box Thinking”- Mathew Syed

Caption: “You will screw up like a million times in your life, so be wise to screw up wisely and learn.”

  1. “Think Like a Freak”- Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner

Caption: “Start with little problem as it’s more easy to find the different angles, which lead to innovative solutions for you to explore, therefore keep your mind and eyes wide open.”

P.S: I sent an email to both the authors, as I loved the book and the one before. (“Freakonomics”). If you are wondering whether they replied back or not, well no they didn’t. I prefer thinking that they are quite busy to answer, but honestly, I don’t meet the Freak criteria. :p

  1. “The fountainhead”- Ayn Rand (“Burimi i jetës” title in Albanian)

Caption: “The entire world is against you, because of the way you are and the way you think. Don’t change to compromise, they will ask for more and you will lose yourself in the process. Better lose everything else instead.”

  1. “The art of People”- Dave Kerpen

Caption: “Don’t simply try to get everything you want from people, be genuinely kind to them and you will actually have what you want.”

Beware: This doesn’t mean be: careless, reckless, naïve or stupid.

P.S: I used the #artofpeople when I instagrammed the photo of the book and Dave Kerpen in persona commented ^_^:

  1. “Anthem” – Ayn Rand (“Himn” title in Albanian)

Caption: “In that world there was no space for an individual, no “I” there was only “us” and “we”, but he invented it, he found the light and the world would never be the same. This is Anthem to the human being, Anthem to Ego.”

  1. “The Marshmallow Test”- Walter Mischel

Caption: “Self control is the key to your success, learn what it really means, how it affects your life, learn to master it.”

P.S: Your cells won’t be replaced by integrated chips. Relax, you won’t become a machine. That’s not even the point of the book. It’s worth the read, for this book knows you better than you do 😉

  1. “The Prince” – Niccoló Macchiavelli (“Princi” title in Albanian)

Caption: “How should a “Prince” (Leader) think, behave, act to earn more and keep his power intact.”

P.S: This is a show of how leaders used to be, but who said that some of his teachings are not being adopted nowadays? That’ s why I recommend it. You like it, take his advice, you don’t? Perfect, you might be able to recognize the “Prince” in other people, so it’s still useful, isn’t it?

  1. “Think and Grow Rich”- Napoleon Hill

Caption: “Passion, persistence are the first inputs. Make a plan, stick to the plan and make it happen.”

P.S: It is a very interesting book, which tells the importance of having a goal and setting deadlines. One of the things of this book but also others I have read, “The Art of People” for instance is the importance of being surrounded by the “right” people to motivate, inspire, guide, well you know what I mean.


How do you find my list so far? Please, can you suggest other titles, you found the same inspiring and motivating? Leave your impressions below.


xoxo #kristinakoti



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