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Blogging is socializing (I should really stop stating the obvious I know), so besides the content we share, including words and graphic display, audio and video, what we try to do is build a bridge for communication. Possibly a High Speed Way Bridge!
We can frame and shape reality, fiction or concepts as we see fit. In this cyber space we are free to write all sorts of things, then it’s the reader who will evaluate to like us or hate us, to come back or not, to be a regular reader, thus following and so on.

But blogging is not mere fresh material sharing (hahah probably lots of us wish it could be “easy” as that), blogging also requires a whole set of skills enveloped in one being:

1.Creativity Post Factory

2.The Producer

3. The Marketing  Agent

4. The Director…. Aaaand ACTION!

Think about it. Done? You probably agree that at least 2 of these features are incorporated in your blogger profile chip.

  1. These is the sweetest place. You have lots of rooms, quiet ones, with steady calm thread of thoughts, you have the stormy ones, lots of mess, words come from all the possible directions fast and powerful and unstoppable. Sometimes it’s a typhon as thoughts in sentences, fly so fast that hurt. Sometimes it’s just a flow of words which won’t make any sense if kept apart. There are other rooms: the one with the colors, with the sounds, with the glitter, with smells and tastes, with memories, dreams and goals, it’s a maze of rooms. No owner is able to provide an exact map of all the stuff in there, that’s the beauty of it, that it’s mysterious even to its own owner.
  2. The Producer, tries to stay apart from the artist factory. Tries to see things from the outside, sometimes needs to be cold, sometimes ruthless. Remains the first and most merciless critic. That’s the job description.
  3. The Agent, needs to elaborate the strategies to make things work, when the rest of the world will see the final “product”. Needs strategy, tips and scheduling of the to-do list and a fierce fight.
  4. The Director (even though named last) is the meeting point of the first 3. Keeps the right equilibrium between the entities to make them collaborate, avoiding potential clash. The Director is the referee, keeping under control one entity trying to prevail above the others and it’s no piece of cake keeping a balance, especially our internal ones.

Perhaps my metaphors are a bit “robotic”, but don’t get me wrong, I am not insinuating anything, for these things have become an automatic response when the blogging light bulb is switched on.

Nevertheless, it still is 100% natural, it’s only natural that we want to speak our minds. It’s only natural that we are always looking for contact. We all have  our passion for words in common.

But the passion to be heard and acknowledged is carved in our genes, this triggers the Producer, the Marketing Agent and the Director to take action and display the worth and value of our unique thoughts factories.

xoxo #kristinakoti


4 thoughts on “Profile: Blogger”

  1. Very informative, I look forward to reading more.

    Sorry if errors are written in this reaction, my English is "NOT YET" perfect.

    I would appreciate it if you also once would visit my new blog and there is also "your" opinion would give even negative comments are welcome, because I have yet to learn a lot and often is it that you from negative comments more than learn from positive.

    In any case, thank you for your attention

    Have a nice day

    Theo Herbots.

    Here is the link to the post where I (to be involved, all comments and likes together in one post) prefer to receive comments and responses

    1. Hi Theo ? will do. I have peeked on your page several times actually, as you are a frequent participant in the daily prompt ?. Thank you for your comment and kind words.


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