Shelter the desert

I would have preferred to delay a bit more, me writing about mmm I don’t know how to call it, social or political issues in my home country, Albania, but the “desert” diverts my focus right into it.
I would love to say that I love Albania and I probably do, despite the mix of feelings that I have in my heart.

You know which is one of my biggest fears? It is watching this country degrade so much and becoming a desert…

What did our ancestors fight so much for? Why becoming independent was so important to us? Why fighting for our sacred and legitimate right to protect our ancient lands from invasion; our nation from slavery; our language from being extinct; our identity from being stolen; our culture and tradition from being assimilated, was a matter of life or death?

We paid the consequences of being conquered and we carry on paying dues that are not even ours, but striving for autonomy and indipendence for so long seems not to have been enough. We keep looking for enemies. And in this new Era, looks like our worst enemy is within us, it’s our own very selves!

What powerful outsiders couldn’t achieve for centuries, we made it happen for less than 50 years.

Our xenocentric attitudes, foreigners and their cultures being so overrated and our own values constantly underestimated and stepped over to the point that we are forgetting who we are and where we come from, becoming shells and mere fossils of a glorious past!

Corrupted souls and minds, corrupted politicians that we elect, including the honest voters, and what’s worse, we are being forced to elect them since we do not have any kind of choice in between our rotted political class, thus sustaining them with the cost of our lives, our blood and our offsprings’ future, corrupted physicians and medical healthcare that we keep bribing, corrupted professors and education system that we keep supporting with our taxes with the only purpose to better uneducate us. Public administration that has declared war to the people, misleading, disinforming, playing politicians games and flirting with socalled intellectuals twice or thrice a year, for some fireworks highlighting big achievements and accomplishments. Corrupted medias and tv channels who turn their flags and their favours to the highest bidder! A true parody of our reality, but unfortunately it doesn’t make anyone laugh!

Albania is blessed and I don’t even know who blessed this small dot of the world with natural beauties and resources however it feels like every day a piece of it is dying. When people choose to leave permanently for a better life and future, whereas in here the only thing left would be starving to death, when our youth looks for opportunities abroad in order to get a proper education and jobs. The same when for political and short term economic interests, monopolies are funded and supported, forests are burnt to the ground, lakes are drained, rivers are destroyed, beaches are polluted so someone can build his giant, huge, classy, stratospherically expensive resort with hotels, Spas, swimming pools, massage and well being centers, gyms, bars, clubs and restaurants, cinemas, sports fields and so on (I apologize, I have probably mislooked or forgotten some details since I’ve never had the chance of such astonishing experience, hey but I choose to go camping on my weekends off). Not to mention the kind of advertisement you get for all these investments and the pomposity of such introduction and how nice would be to spend a few days in these places for a short moment of pleasure and relax. The rest of the population is struggling to make it to the end of the month, pay rents and taxes, tuition fees, or finding a job. No high standards whatsoever, as asking for decent working conditions would be for snobs, asking to be treated as a human being is equal to royal service and we all know that the privilege can’t be granted to just anyone! Working 14 hours a day is normality, insurance payments are a luxury, your salary is a joke, lunch breaks or any of the kind are obsolete. Days off? Who needs them?


7 thoughts on “Shelter the desert”

  1. It pains me when I read your peace, because sadly enough, this is happening to more and more small countries. I wonder if in our quest to exist we forget our own existence .

    1. I know my Albania is not the only one and I know that it depends on us mostly. It's not easy being small but that's what makes it even more important keeping our identity intact. Thanks for reading and visiting! 🙂

  2. I am very pleased that in my country there are still people like you that make us from oase whenever we feel bad thnx


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