Shopping at Fishop

Fishop is a fish restaurant in Tirana, one of the moment’s hot spots, so that’s where I could be found yesterday at this time.

The place is very cozy and welcoming, not some ridiculous fancy restaurant, where a certain dress code is mandatory. Nope, it was very sweet with a cute, simple furnishing, a bit dark as a matter of fact, but still nice. It’s pretty clear that the guys who run the place want to stand out by making “Fishop” a real brand. I think they are succeeding, because it’s becoming huge in popularity. Well done guys! Thumbs UP.

quiet moment when we were about to leave

Due to the raising popularity, in case you want to go, you will necessarily need to book before hand. On Sundays they are open till 7 pm. If you think that going during some kind of happy hours you will be lucky enough to find some free table, you are dead wrong. We had booked the day before for a table, at 4 pm, which is not exactly your usual time of having lunch right? Yet, when we got there, it was full. No exaggeration, it was FULL.

What I disliked the most, was the space though. I am sorry, that’s a mark down for “Fishop”. It felt so damn tight, too many tables and chairs, too little room. I mean, my chair was like 3 inches apart from the next table, so moving was really difficult. I constantly had this bad feeling that if I would turn around, something would break. Uncomfortable.


The kitchen was not set apart from the restaurant eating area, it had open access to the rest and for such a small place not a very good idea. It might be cool when you are only cooking desserts, baking cakes or something but when your dishes involve smells, like ehm fish, well not very cool, thus mark down again.

The service was prompt and good. You didn’t have to wait for hours for someone to take your order. The waiter was also super polite and helpful, he kept suggesting and explaining for us. This is not to be taken for granted, as at some other restaurants, waiters can be real jerks and you know very well what I mean. Thumbs UP here.

I am not marking down the wi-fi access part. It was kind of annoying, having a wifi network and not being able to get through, but in the end we managed so it’s ok.

Ok, so moving to the crucial point, the food, the reason why we all go to a restaurant, in the first place. We deliberately chose to order firsts, octopus and cuttlefish salad, scampi shrimps, sote clams, stuffed crabs, salmon tartare, bass fish.

Just one thing, fortunately I didn’t go there on an empty stomach, otherwise I would have starved. Anyway we agreed to get things to try not to fill my insatiable appetite (yuck so not classy right :p )

The food was good, not something extraordinary, but good. The crabs were stuffed with a mix of rosemary and mashed potatoes which tasted deliciously good. This was the only thing that impressed me the most. Even though I am not 100% sure, I am still going to give a thumbs up.

Stuffed crabs
Scampi Shrimps
Sote clams

When it comes to spilling the money, I thought it was going to be a bit salty to my tastes. Honestly we were expecting a much more expensive bill, so it was a relief to see less. But not cheap either.

Despite everything, I feel like I want to give them another shot, so I will probably go again  to try some other things. 🙂

I will let you know. 😉

xoxo #kristinakoti

P.S. This is my first restaurant “review”, so I have no idea how it should be written. (I will need to work on it and read other more experienced bloggers’ reviews) For the time being, you have my “raw” experience. Enjoy it :p


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