Shopping Strategies II

Shopping strategies II
See, what I mean ;p

I thought I could wait a little bit, before posting the next part of Shopping strategies, but HEY, it’s Friday and I smell weekend… I smell salt and sea and sun and beach, but someone might rightfully choose a brief tour in a shopping center… eheheh the “tour” ok… brief? Not so much.

In the previous post I was talking about the pros and cons of being accompanied when shopping, today is about being on your own.

To be honest, I enjoy both, I have always enjoyed being on my own when shopping, but once I found the perfect companion I enjoy that too.

Ohhh now, always talking about me :p

So what’s good about it? You can:

  • take your time, because it’s only yours.You won’t risk hearing: “Uufff aren’t you done yet? I am tired!”
  • stop by every possible shop, E-V-E-R-Y single one, not feeling worried or guilty about it
  • take your time at every possible shop, because you want to try dozens of different dresses
  • decide to come back later when you haven’t made up your mind yet
  • actually, come back later
  • get lost in your thoughts freely and carefree, you don’t need to talk or think of something to talk about; “Oh the candy store looks like a perfect pit stop, need some sugar to replenish my energies :)”
  • Fight your inner demons on your own, no one can ever be of help with that, even if they are the shopping demons pushing you to indulge and go bankrupt: “Ok, I like the shirt. What can I combine it with?” “Mmmm, the pair of pants at the other store would look cute with this…” “No no no, I meant combos with what’s already in my closet, not other stuff to buy…” “But they look adoraaaaaable.” or “Oh this bag…so exquiii…. EXPENSIVE…. WHY?? WHAT’S WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE! THIS IS RIDICULOUS!”But you fell in love at first siiiiight, you bonded together, she talked, you want her…” Yeah I think, lots of girls have these kind of issues to solve out, sometimes
  • decide not to go to certain stores, and you are not forced to, because you are on your own
  • buy stuff that you would never buy when shopping with someone else… “Yack that’s ugly!!” “But, but… I like …it” (but you are not so sure, so you pass)
  • change sizes (ooppsss I’ve gained some weight) and not feel bad about it… “I am a bit worried… about my size…”


Have I forgotten anything?  I really hope so, share with me, how you feel about shopping alone? You like it? Why? Do you find other reasons to back up the choice. 😀 You don’t like it? Why?

Previously I wrote that, there is only one golden rule: ENJOY IT!

That’s what matters the most.



4 thoughts on “Shopping Strategies II”

  1. Well, shopping alone is independence and I really enjoy it. However, sometimes you really need someone else when shopping to tell you if something looks good on you, when you are in doubts. For me it's ok both options, the only disadvantage is the amount to be spent lol


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