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Lots of us like to shop… clothes…Where are my girls?? (I am not discriminating, boys no offense meant :D)

As for me, I love shopping, I don’t mind second-hand shops either. In fact, these are the places where you can find cute, original, authentic stuff in very good condition and for a very good price. I’d love a pair of SMC platform brogues! (I can’t afford them, the mere presence of the shoes, no matter how divine they look, is not going to pay my monthly bills :p )

That’s why we need strategy and some tips wouldn’t harm. So, first question:

Shopping alone or accompanied?

Some of us have a friend or a cousin that looks always on top, whatever he/she wears, and the best part is that, he/she is always wearing astonishing combos and most astonishing is the price he/she gets them for… I know right?

If you are going to drag someone or be dragged, choose wisely “WHO”. It’s important, that he/she knows your style, what makes you look great but also comfortable. It’s also important to know your companion’s style, preferences… and personality. YES, that matters too, accept it.


If you like his/her style, but it doesn’t suit you, don’t try to become a copy or let yourself be persuaded into something that “doesn’t feel right” no matter how classy, glamorous, perfect that outfit looks on you. That’s why they call it fitting, it doesn’t refer to curves only.

It’s ok, to experiment from time to time. Buuuuuut, that means that you are very confident with yourself, your body and your own style, which leads to a bit more of daring.

The golden rule will always be the same: Enjoy it!

If you have the style matching scenario, you are the perfect match, in case you don’t feel like getting out of your style comfort zone yet.

Of course, you have plenty of fun, you feel so well tuned and totally comfortable, as you both know what you like, what you want, exchange items, knowing things before actually wording them to each other.

However this formula applies:

no styles clashing = no revolution

Mmmmhhh I think that sometimes you need that tiny sparkle to make things more enticing, but if you don’t feel like it, it’s completely fine. This is just in my opinion, so whatever makes you feel ok then it’s ok.

I might sound a bit out-of-place, but I have to say; the sentence above doesn’t apply if being comfortable equals to being inappropriate, not respecting some dress code rules in certain occasions. Ok, moving on 😀

Your budget? Yes, very important, not to mention that you should feel comfortable with it too. If you can’t spend too much, there is nothing to be ashamed of, and you shouldn’t be ashamed of telling it to your companion. Everyone has got his/her own standards, do not make the mistake to spend too much (if you are having second thoughts) just to look good or to brag.

You know the saying “Don’t become poor in attempt to look rich”.

So now you got some thinking to do on your own, about shopping alone. What do you think? I will be sharing my opinions on it, in my next part of Shopping Strategies.

Here is the link of “The Best Things To Do Alone” which inspired me to get this post written in the first place and where you can have some more tips when alone.

Enjoy 🙂



10 thoughts on “Shopping Strategies”

  1. I enjoy shopping with a companion, usually my daughter. We are both very sensible and we help each other honestly as to the fit of the clothes and the cost. There is independence of decision and I made this last one myself.

    1. Hi Susanna, thanks for reading my post 🙂
      What really matters is being at ease, whether alone or in your case with your daughter. It's something you both cherish and it's essential to make shopping pleasurable and fun. I enjoy both frankly as I also stress in the second part of Shopping Strategies.

  2. I Love this! thanks for commenting on mine. What you write is awesome and funny! Your advice is right on and will definitely use it next time I'm out. Keep it up I love what you've got:)

    1. Ooowwww thank you so much for your kind words 🙂 I am very happy that you liked it and found it useful. Thanks for reading me.
      I am still working on new things 😉


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