Summer Vacations in Albania 

Lukove beach


I just got back from my vacations and what I will talk about is not the bright side but the other side of the coin which sometimes leaves me confused and perplexed.

You see Albania is a work of magic. If Nature could cast a spell, then Albania happens to be a blessing one at it with marvellous landscapes, countryside, wonderful seashore, pretty mesmerizing and with a vast variety of choices…Beaches with white sand, crystal clear water, rocky ones too where the powerful and patient waves have done their job all over the millenia.



Here is the “funny” part coming:

Infrastructure?? A mess! Roads or so-called motorways look terrible to drive in, specially in complete darkness in the middle of no where or where one side of the narrow road is the hard rock of the mountain and the other resides right in the edge of the abyss with rocky sea-shore at the bottom.

A couple of cities such as Vlora and Fier which are crucial for the transportation get stuffed with an infinite queue of cars, a never-ending line. And it’s all artificial traffic because the government decides to make amendments where not necessary and where should be at least two lanes there is only one.

Same thing in Fier, the exit from the high way with cars waiting in 3 parallel lines getting out into 1 single line… I mean it doesn’t take an engineer to figure it out. It’s simple logic.

So basically I got stuck for 4 hours in this jam, for 1 km it took us 1 hour.


A few questions how do you think people wanting to get back or wherever they are headed to, feel? These people will need to get back to work the next day, after their vacations… do you think it’s appealing? No. Irritating? Very!!! Frustrating? Yes! Absolutely!

Is this how you make it attractive for tourists? When you can’t guarantee that they will get fast enough and specially comfortable enough to their destinations?

Why do you wonder then when Albanians choose Greece, Turkey, Montenegro and so on rather than their own to go on vacations?

What do you expect when your prices are ridiculous? When in a beach bar you pay for a coffee and a small bottle of water the triple or even more of what you are used to in the city you live. I assure you it’s the same coffee and water. And these are the basics, I am not talking about other fancy choices of eating and drinking. Yes there will always be the high spending ones who are fond of the stratosphere, that’s the high they aim when it comes to show off their wealth and the life they lead. And it’s ok looking for the “in” spots, where a plain bikini worth more than the average salary to most of the population looks cheap and out dated, imagine the rest. I repeat it’s ok, but it would be reasonable to have other spots which are well… more reasonable to the rest of us commoners. And compared to the first there are, but still compared to what the majority earns not that easily affordable which again it gets more convenient to go abroad… which is such a pity.

We as a nation have still issues with the multiple standards attitudes… when we go abroad, hhmmm how can I put it nicely? Well we behave ourselves, but when in our home, we seem to not care about the environment, the pollution, the nature. We take things for granted and we underestimate the worth of our natural miracles while overestimating others’. We still need to learn to value our treasures and preserve it for future generations… this is what our children will inherit, we need to take better care of our common richness.

It’s not my intention to look like a black PR or something, but these things make me worry and think.

Some pictures I took to show some of the spots I captured. 🙂


Livadh beach
Gjipe beach
Qeparo beach


Enjoy! xoxo #kristinakoti


6 thoughts on “Summer Vacations in Albania ”

  1. You shouldn't allow the infrastructure to leave such a bad taste to these wonderful viewes ☺️ South of Albania is relaxing and amazing ☺️ However I understand your frustration! And i do still have hope that things will get better ?

    1. Yes you are right, I shouldn't but it still gets to me that we are so careless and fail to realize the damage. What's even worse is that no one takes responsibility. Thanks for reading me as always ??


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