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Not your usual summer post

I can start with the usual “Oh, summer is almost over!” but I don’t give rat’s ass about that, excuse my language. It’s just a season, why so much drama! In almost 305 days it will be back. Relax. Moving on to “Oh, vacation is over (cause mine ended already) ” and again that’s ok. I will take some more time off in a month for my next destination (not going to tell you just yet).

As the title suggests this is not about vacations. However, important piece of information, I was in Spain this year, Costa Brava, Lloret de Mar to be precise. And since we are here, Lloret de Mar is approximately 75 km distant from Barcelona.

The only day, the only single god damn day, I went to Barcelona, which was for the first time in my life and guess what happens?? A terrorist attack! And damn, was I close!!! And damn, did I nearly shit my pants!

What I want to talk about today is something that might look completely off the topic compared to what I wrote above. It’s about nationality.  And no it’s got nothing to do with terrorism or something of the sort.

Back to us, it all started, on August the 10th when we take the bus from Tirana to go to Thessaloniki, Greece, for our scheduled flight to Girona, Costa Brava, Spain. After almost 12 hours of bus drive, the driver tells us to get off the bus, as we are “close” to Thessaloniki (the bus was headed for Halkidiki, a tourist hot spot in Greece). “Close” my a**, we were in the middle of nowhere with no direction, no information, no freaking mobile connection! Nothing! So, under the scorching sun we start walking on the high way. We have walked for almost 50 minutes, between risking to get lost walking in the opposite direction and being forced to cross some dried creek, dead plants and a not so challenging fence. We make it to some hypermarket or something and all sweaty, barely breathing, we manage a “taxi” whisper.

One of the cashiers was kind enough to call a taxi for us and we finally make it to the center of Thessaloniki.

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ALBANIA- Code of Honor

Guest used to be a sacred word for Albanian.

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Sofra Shqiptare-The typical Albanian dining table

A complete and perfect stranger in the middle of nowhere. Nowhere to turn for direction, no food, no roof to take shelter. Not knowing what route to take, not making sense of the surroundings. It’s pitch black. A house, an old wooden door, utterly isolated. What to do?

“Knock, knock!”

Distrust? At first.Well, of course. Could it be any different? The stranger is welcomed anyway. No negotiation, no questions. The head of the family, meets him, shakes his hand, introduces and announces: “You are my guest tonight! I will give you my home to rest. You will sit in our table and dine with us. As long as you are in my home, you are under my protection. If anything were to happen, I will risk my life to protect yours.”

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Meaning of Awe

Eagle AlbaniaSince I am not a native speaker, I couldn’t instantly grasp the meaning of awe. I don’ t recall any word in Albanian having the same exact meaning. Close to it, you find “admirim” which means literally admiration. We also use “adhuroj” which is “to adore”. In this case, meanings between Albanian and English are similar but not exactly the same, actually thinking it through it feels more like worship.

“Adhuroj” is not very common in our everyday language, we rarely make any use of it, because worship is kind of exclusively  meant for Gods and Holy entities.  Continue reading Meaning of Awe