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Professional You vs Personal You

Unsplash thanks to Luke Chesser

Some of you are cringing, I can tell. Some of you are “pffff“-ing thinking that they have all figured it out, as for example “I keep my personal, personal!” or “I keep my professional and my personal lives separate. Period.

In my article Authenticity Online, I write about the matching of our virtual personalities and the real ones, which extends also a little to the professional personality, as when colleagues are present in our social networks spaces, or sometimes the “boss” makes his/her appearance, knowing what we are up to.

Let me tell you what I think:

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I turn 73!

When I turned 52…mmm ;p

Cake tastes like all heavenly sugars and smells like all sweet flavors you put in it.

I enjoy it, you do, they do, we all do. What’s left then? The candles. The number they represent, is it just an angle the way you or I see it?

I am in my late 20s, and I confess that sometimes when I wake up in the morning I just wish I was much older, like 73! Why 73? Why not. Why not 70? or 75? Haha too plain, too mainstream, well 73 sounds like well thought, like I know what I am talking about, but the truth is I don’t. However it sounds kind of cool, because people can’t help asking the questions above. C’mon didn’t you? ;p

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Can not avoid judging

Credits to my artist friend Albi Yzo

Have you ever thought what’s it like to be another person?
Quite often when I am walking or when I take the bus, I find myself looking at other people. Sometimes I can’t help but wonder about their lives, their backgrounds, their current situation. I am curious to learn about their dreams and expectations, their hopes and most importantly their thoughts and feelings.

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Cover the Cover

The book

It’s interesting and it has got me really captivated. I think that by the end of the day I will be done with it.

Generally, I am quite skeptic when it comes to topics such as feminism or sexism as sometimes, it’s so easy to take the wrong step and get involved in biased or even extremist arguments that lead nowhere. But, Natasha Walter, the author besides showing facts, statistics and survey data, provides interviews with real people from showbiz industry to real life situations.

The way I see it, where she stands is an equilibrium point, as to some might sound debatable, but far from any kind of feminist extremism, drastic measures to bring into surface “the women empowerment”, radical opinions on men vs women” (I am glad there is no such thing in it).

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Emo I


“Intellect is the only thing that matters.”

“Emotions just get in the way when you need to get things done, specially when you want to be successful.”

“It’s better not to let people in and see…”

That however, did not stop me from having a hot temper, lose it quickly and  honestly quite often. “But why?” I used to think.  “I am right”. I knew I was, what I said, what I did, but somehow people failed  to understand… and it looked like I was wrong which angered me even more. And just the mention of “anger management” or “anger issues” made me laugh or even furious, depending on the current mood at the time.

Except that I was wrong all along:

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Tell me: What do you want?

That’s Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington in Scandal) talking and at first sight it appears so easy and obvious, but when you let it sink, it’s actually so elusive to answer.

  • A truthful answer sometimes means, intentions and when they are not so orthodox…DAAAMN don’t we like to judge but not the other way around.
  • A truthful answer means not just intentions, but also feelings that can be transmuted in vulnerabilities and when the stakes are high these make us look weak.
  • A truthful answer could mean compromising a relationship with a beloved one in our lives or even a certain status quo.


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Tricky Monday

The thing about Monday-s?  All “hate” them. Almost…I don’t really, because I never was attached to week days. Besides, previously my part-time job, meant working on weekends as well, and my day off could be in the middle of the week. So the weekend was not really what you can call a sanctuary to me.

But I see, the usual ritual becomes the eternal deja vu repeating itself, every single week, that’s why I am writing this post, on how to deal with Mondays and how people Can’t wait for Fridays.

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Yes, cinema tickets and yes I collect them! Proudly!

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When you leave something behind or someone, specially someone very close or dear to you, it’s not a matter of just leaving behind, is also the matter of being left behind and finally being able to let go, from both sides.

I am probably too young, to talk about “leaving behind” and when I was thinking about it, I couldn’t help but mentally slap myself saying: “Don’t be ridiculous! What could you possibly share with people? You know too well, there are so many out there that have really,truly, deep, heart breaking stories to share…”

However, here I am rambling gibberish (probably) but looking where I stand now, I know that (more than leaving behind, to me is letting go) I’ve let go of things that hurt me, making me feel worthless and insignificant. I did the same with people I used to care about, but couldn’t accept me for what I was. I let go of them, to let go of bad feelings.

Leaving behind is absolutely related to memories, however they made you feel, and it is not about forgetting; it’s about making a choice, walk away, remember what made you ultimately walk away, turn ahead of you.

Sometimes, you have the impression they are fading, I know for sure they are not. They become a part of you, it’s still a choice thus turning you in who you are.



Vicious Cycle


They say:”Dirty little secrets always come out!”. Now, truly don’t they? And the most important of all, noooow, don’t we all have some of those?

Despite, our efforts, sometimes walking in the sun and letting go of the dark side of the moon is really hard. We tend to find all kind of excuses and yet we get dragged again… Let’s face it, the dark is just an excuse itself, to justify our own behaviors…

So our cozy, comfortable, little rooms have those big, roomy closets, not for just our clothes to wear, but also keeping bodies and skeletons, don’t they?

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Never ending competition


“Dua te jetoj ne mal!” was my status a while ago, which means literally “I want to live in the mountain!”.

I was driven by the idea of escaping the “modern” world, from the system that fuels it. System, we, people make happen everyday. Like it or not, I am part of it myself, so I wanted to escape from me. The part of me that is driven by vanity, envy, jealousy, competition, ambition and I don’t know other words, synonyms ending in “tion”.

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