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Us Today


Are you  wondering what “feast” has got to do with Immortality? Specially considering the fact that “Immortality” happens to be the tittle of one of my favorite novels written by the Czech author Milan Kundera.

Are you? Good! (Y)

Yes, well I can’t help but also link “feast” with the, what I usually call “over+something”.

Let me elaborate, as for example when you overdo, overreact, oversleep, overexert, overestimate and so on;  yeah you get my point over+something, somehow associated with exaggeration.

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(Don’t) Try that Hard

I will keep it real short today, since my creative nerve is not feeling that creative. Nevertheless, today’s daily prompt, unquestionably leads to thinking the opposite. The predictable or how much we try to be able to predict, foresee, forecast then create and meet expectations, based on what the future shall be, accordingly.

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