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What’s your superpower


Last night my mom, remembered an episode of my childhood. Out of the blue I asked her  if I would ever be able to read minds… telepathy looked more alluring than wasting time playing with dolls.

My mother, as a very pragmatic woman answered with a plain, short, “No.”

Because she already knew what kind of curious brat I was. And right away a chirping “why” followed.

“It’s simply impossible. What do you need that for anyway?” 

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Shaping Crystals

I never gave it a thought how much glass has somehow affected me, since childhood. It happened today as I was thinking what could I possibly write about glass
I was hunting for the crystals, the “talismans” that could give me superpowers to change and shape the world. Thus every piece of glass found in the street was a precious tool to see the world differently, specially the colorful ones, so I could see things that others couldn’t. Then there were the see through ones, simple, plain glass. I took them, put them under the pillow so I could dream of the future, while the blue ones were to detect emotions, green ones to read minds, yellow were for intentions and plans, red to see what was inside people’s hearts. My friends were my “targets”. Soon after, it became the new summer adventure, hence we started to collect the talismans thrown bluntly everywhere, moreover no one could possibly know the secret they held within. But we needed policy, as our mission required privacy and strategy.

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