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Guts over Fear


The song is beautiful, the words make it even more because of the enormous, deep message they carry.

When you are safe in your little happy routine, in your cozy comfort zone, it’s so hard to take a step further. A step outside means you are out in the “dark”. It means you are vulnerable… well uncomfortable is the right word.

You know that there are lots of wrong things with your current comfort zone despite all the benefits. You know that at some point you will need to take that risk, not saying face life blindfolded but heeeeell you need to take a chance for yourself, when an “opportunity” presents itself. Most of the times others spend an eternity looking for one and never find it, or maybe they do, but are unable to overcome their fears. Thus, if you are looking, it means that deep down, that comfort zone of yours is not that comfortable after all.

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Unknown Variable

After the pouring rain, sun shines again

Does it sound easy saying what is it that we want? It sounds, but as a matter of fact it is not. Not always and not for everyone. What about the part when we are the ones that should actually ask for what we want?
Do we? Yes? No? Sometimes?

Are we afraid of a NO as an answer? Are we afraid of rejection?

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