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How to see the world

I am not going to teach you how… No one is going to do that, however there are means by which you can learn more on how to see the world and what’s happening around you.
The book “How to see the world” by Nicholas Mirzoeff looks like a short manual or guide that contains some basic information, you absolutely need to know but at the same time the definitions, notions are fully explained with details, examples, situations, history circumstances and events.

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Casual Friday

There is this part of Tirana (Albania’s capital), we call it “Bllok” in Albanian as the abbreviation of “zona e ish-bllokut” translated “Ex-block zone” . Once this was, where the only thing you could see were nice little mansions, little villas to be precise. The residents you might be asking? Only a selected bunch of people, the previous communist regime leaders, the high society.

That space of the capital was guarded 24/7 non stop. Trespassing was not an option if you cared for your life of course, or the so-called freedom you were allowed at the time.

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ALBANIA- Code of Honor

Guest used to be a sacred word for Albanian.

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Sofra Shqiptare-The typical Albanian dining table

A complete and perfect stranger in the middle of nowhere. Nowhere to turn for direction, no food, no roof to take shelter. Not knowing what route to take, not making sense of the surroundings. It’s pitch black. A house, an old wooden door, utterly isolated. What to do?

“Knock, knock!”

Distrust? At first.Well, of course. Could it be any different? The stranger is welcomed anyway. No negotiation, no questions. The head of the family, meets him, shakes his hand, introduces and announces: “You are my guest tonight! I will give you my home to rest. You will sit in our table and dine with us. As long as you are in my home, you are under my protection. If anything were to happen, I will risk my life to protect yours.”

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