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Ouch, that’s my toe, lady!

I do not have a driving license. It took me some moments to write down the sentence. I can imagine, some of you rolling their eyes, some turning their heads in deep disapproval. I know, my friends are always scolding me or I am the favorite joke regarding the driving part, however this is not the issue.  Let’s get straight to the point, shall we?


Since,  I do not drive, I take public transport, the bus. Early in the morning, specially when you are running late, it’s a Greek tragedy!


You wait for the bus. You feel the fresh morning breeze on your face.  You feel confident, hoping for the bus to come sooner, so you won’t risk sweating too much, thus your make up melting and leaking, your hair getting sticky at the nape of your neck. You are confident, widening your eyes when finally you see the bus coming… You see something, a vehicle, it’s orange and it is approaching. Great! Lucky you! Your outfit looks tidy, comfy and yeah perfect. A slight glance at your toes, you had the pedicure done this weekend and you think: “Yeah that girl is good! I can’t believe I was so lucky and got the discount as well.”

In the meanwhile the bus is coming, you feel all this energy surrounding you, people coming close, closer, closer even more…. everything moving in slow motion… An irritating fly, insists to fly near your ear, and then…. “Ouch, that hurts!”


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