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It had been a while that I wanted to get inked for the second time, before choosing exactly what. I didn’t know the spot yet, but I knew that if I managed to figure out the tattoo, it would be much easier to decide which part of my body.

I’ve had several volatile ideas, which didn’t stick too long and not being sure, I didn’t want to take the risk of a later regret. I wanted something profound but also fun and cute, thinking of which, I was wishing an idea to pop up just like the cute little lamps being switched on with that little entertaining *tring* sound. In the blink of the eye, the idea of the lamp became the idea I was looking for. Finally, it was settled and the spot immediately after. 🙂

I googled, the meaning: seek for the light of knowledge and research, the light and strength of the human mind. It was perfect for me!

The day, I had it inked 😀

Beauty and the Guy

My favorite.

A pitch black night, alone in the woods, trespassing a huge, dark, apparently abandoned castle, would not look such a wise thing to do, but oohhh she is a brave girl and can you really blame her?

I love Belle, she is not helpless waiting for some charming guy, who always happens to be a prince, to save her from distress, actually she is the one doing the saving here.

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Vacations Yes But

Cape of Rodon, Albania


Next week I am going on vacation. I can’t describe how excited I am. Everything has been planned and scheduled, some things to be handled before leaving the city, but the most important tasks already checked.

A few little details are still in pending, and when you have plenty of time ahead, the estimated impact looks insignificant, but when time is due it might look nerve breaking.


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Admire Genius Ayn Rand

Translated in Albanian:Amik Kasoruho

I admire genius, a gift embedded in our genes. Sometimes it looks so insignificant and small that is underestimated, underdeveloped and left to be forgotten. Sometimes we even fail to recognize what is within, being so busy with our own schedules, planning and programming things for ourselves and others, that the fragile potential fails to overcome obstacles… Sometimes we are too envy and jealous of others’ genius that we deliberately choose to deny, hide the truth due to our little schemes and fear of competition that will ruin some chances for success or growth or whatever… However sometimes, this gift is so huge and powerful that emerges and becomes unstoppable, unbearable and burning like an acid to those who loathed it and tried to kill it.

I admire genius, in whichever form it comes to life from our human shells and transform the world through science, engineering, art, literature in every way possible… because if I can’t be one, I can learn from it.

Today I shall mention, one of my favorite authors. I admire Ayn Rand for her strength, her beautiful mind, her creativity, her individualism, most importantly for making me believe that my mind and soul have the power to transform my life and see the outcome of my efforts. Her books made me realize what’s hidden within us and that it so close but not that easy to grasp…or see.

“The Fountainhead”, it left me with a huge book hangover. It inspired and motivated me up to the point that I could literally feel my heart swollen with pride and overwhelmed with adrenaline running fast through my veins. I admire it and I hate it, for this strong influence it had over me.

A single man in a world turned against him…

Translated in Albanian:Amik Kasoruho

I admired even more the 3 volumes of “Atlas Shrugged” which besides the book hangover left me speechless and yet I hate the feeling of such strength transforming me inside out…

A man against the world, who “kidnaps” one after the other the brightest minds of humanity, leaving it helpless and desperate…

Anyway it’s not hatred, I know what it is. It’s internal judgemental inertia (that’s what I call it) due to prejudice, procrastination and reluctance to admit the truth. Sometimes I can’t help but be victim of my own traps, but at least I am conscious enough to acknowledge their presence and therefore control them.

I admire her! Ultimately!


Italian ChaT – IV



No need to rush, Marsia takes the fashionably late concept to a complete superior level. So I can roam on my own for a while, enjoying wind‘s futile attempts to block my steps.

So born on 1935 huh… this means she’s like 80 years old… and she looks so young… I didn’t get it, so her parents died soon after Alessio left? And the fire she was talking about? She lost the journals, now that’s a pity, I would have loved to take a look at them and take some notes… Notes… oooohhhhh how troublesome, the editorial, I don’t know where to start.

Ok, so it means that I will work on it, while waiting for Marsia… if only I could actually concentrate…

TESOROOOOOOO ECCOMI FINALMENTE!” Marsia exclaims, and all heads turned in our direction. Perfect, just perfect.

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How High?

Ok, so today is Friday again… (dduuuhhhh… a cycle with a 7 day frequency yada yada) and I thought that I can help you a little bit with some other tips on… heels? Wearing them or not?

red shoe
Bershka sandals, with a wide heel it’s much easier. Chinese chopsticks not really my thing 😉


Before I go on, let’s make a deal; since on Fridays I also update my novel Italian ChaT (today Part IV :D), next week I am switching these kind of posts on Thursday. What do you think? (Oh, I am having so much fun with this blog thing!!! \oo/)

Topic: To heel or not to heel?

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When I got the book (in Albanian)

You ever felt like a cockroach?

Let me explain, as I know it sounds absurd. In fact, I fully get what F.Kafka was aiming at when writing “Metamorphosis”, the poor Gregor, was literally transformed into an insect and he was banned from society and what’s worse disowned from his own family.

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