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A look Back

Unsplash Thanks @Aaron Burden

Moving on from my yesterday’s rant about the book draft I conceived at 16, I must say there were lots of interesting, “ancient” stuff in my laptop from my teenage years.

It’s wonderful that nowadays you have the cyber space to log in and share your views and opinions with the rest of the world. At the time, there was nothing of the sort. Yeah, I wish there was, maybe I wouldn’t have stopped writing in the first place, or maybe I would have, who knows…

But I really feel lucky that, at least I had a screen and a keyboard. In case technology had never been involved in my writing process, there would have never been a writing process in the first place.

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What Would Peter Say…

“If you are going to whine about your shadow again, I will punch you!”

“Can you at least sew it for me? I remember someone did that once, can’t remember who though…”

“Wendy, it was Wendy you moron! You really have a short memory, or is it just an act?”

“Who’s Wendy? What’s with rolling your eyes? It’s creepy.”


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Evening thoughts

A photo by Israel Sundseth. unsplash.com/photos/BYu8ITUWMfc
Unsplash thanks @Israel Sundseth

“Sir… Sir, please just 100 lek* please, I am starving!” his voice breaking.

“You can forget about it. I am willing to buy you something to eat, whatever you want, but I ain’t giving you any money. Understood?”

“But they will beat me, they will think I spent it on food… please I am begging you, pleaseeee…” there was panic in his voice but nevertheless he was trying to keep a steady eye contact with pleading teary eyes. Yeah, yeah, I know they train you quite well, but you are not fooling me!

“Then NO!”

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Somebody calling …?

darkness“Oh now we are talking! I mean, it was about time to mention me!
Looks like these beings, humans they call themselves…. Pppffff I mean are they serious? All the things they do, all their misdeeds and everything, yes in the dark… Is it my fault?? Why am I always the bad guy??
Oh and Light? So beautiful, fresh and clean and so fast, how much is it? 300.000 km/s? What do you even need that for? People like her soooooooo much! What is it there to like, she is utterly boring, so serious…. no wonder they call it “dark humor”!!”
Light: “Wasn’t it Black humor?”
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Building IShull

It will probably be some nonsense rambling, but when I replay “Island” in my head or “Ishull” in Albanian…
I finally get conscious about one thing. Everyone can have his/her own islands. My home is an island, my tiny untidy room with clothes, accessories, shoes everywhere which mum goes crazy about is my island.
And inside my island there are dozens of other islands, little and infinite, my books.
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