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How High?

Ok, so today is Friday again… (dduuuhhhh… a cycle with a 7 day frequency yada yada) and I thought that I can help you a little bit with some other tips on… heels? Wearing them or not?

red shoe
Bershka sandals, with a wide heel it’s much easier. Chinese chopsticks not really my thing 😉


Before I go on, let’s make a deal; since on Fridays I also update my novel Italian ChaT (today Part IV :D), next week I am switching these kind of posts on Thursday. What do you think? (Oh, I am having so much fun with this blog thing!!! \oo/)

Topic: To heel or not to heel?

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Tricky Monday

The thing about Monday-s?  All “hate” them. Almost…I don’t really, because I never was attached to week days. Besides, previously my part-time job, meant working on weekends as well, and my day off could be in the middle of the week. So the weekend was not really what you can call a sanctuary to me.

But I see, the usual ritual becomes the eternal deja vu repeating itself, every single week, that’s why I am writing this post, on how to deal with Mondays and how people Can’t wait for Fridays.

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Yes, cinema tickets and yes I collect them! Proudly!

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Vicious Cycle


They say:”Dirty little secrets always come out!”. Now, truly don’t they? And the most important of all, noooow, don’t we all have some of those?

Despite, our efforts, sometimes walking in the sun and letting go of the dark side of the moon is really hard. We tend to find all kind of excuses and yet we get dragged again… Let’s face it, the dark is just an excuse itself, to justify our own behaviors…

So our cozy, comfortable, little rooms have those big, roomy closets, not for just our clothes to wear, but also keeping bodies and skeletons, don’t they?

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Here it comes…

S:”I am  not going to make it! I am telling you!”
M:”Of course, you are, don’t be ridiculous! You are so smart and brilliant.”

S:”It has got nothing to do with that, I am scared! I can’t talk in front of so many people! My heart beats fast, my cheeks will be flushing red, my  voice trembling, I will be scratching my throat because it feels like choking… I am going to make a fool of myself and everyone will laugh at me…”

M:”Oh I really don’t get it. What are you so afraid of? Cowardice has never qualified you.”

S:”This is Public Speaking, we are talking about! PUBLIC SPEAKING! The big bad Monster, haunting me, since forever!”

M:”Weird though, you have never been shy as a child, quite the opposite. A shameless brat, looking for constant attention.”

S:”Mom, why don’t you listen to me?”

M:”Honey, I aaaamm. I’m trying to help you out. Hey what do you think of a couple of shots….”

S:”Seriously? Alcohol? I am having a nervous breakdown and all you can come out with is “a couple of shots”?”

M:”Just saying… what’s the big deal?”

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Somebody calling …?

darkness“Oh now we are talking! I mean, it was about time to mention me!
Looks like these beings, humans they call themselves…. Pppffff I mean are they serious? All the things they do, all their misdeeds and everything, yes in the dark… Is it my fault?? Why am I always the bad guy??
Oh and Light? So beautiful, fresh and clean and so fast, how much is it? 300.000 km/s? What do you even need that for? People like her soooooooo much! What is it there to like, she is utterly boring, so serious…. no wonder they call it “dark humor”!!”
Light: “Wasn’t it Black humor?”
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Me: Why can’t I be like you? Why am I condemned with the Casper’s cousin nickname? For the rest of my plain ordinary and specially mortal life? I absolutely get it, being a ghost and everything, I would not complain, I would accept my cruel fate… With pain…

E: Huh what are you talking about?
Me: I want a tan. Just like you! Just like that old lady over there… I see tanned people everywhere and it’ s not fair!

E: Oh don’ t worry about it. Noone sees you anyway. You are well, see through bwahahahahhaha…
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