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Shaping Crystals

I never gave it a thought how much glass has somehow affected me, since childhood. It happened today as I was thinking what could I possibly write about glass
I was hunting for the crystals, the “talismans” that could give me superpowers to change and shape the world. Thus every piece of glass found in the street was a precious tool to see the world differently, specially the colorful ones, so I could see things that others couldn’t. Then there were the see through ones, simple, plain glass. I took them, put them under the pillow so I could dream of the future, while the blue ones were to detect emotions, green ones to read minds, yellow were for intentions and plans, red to see what was inside people’s hearts. My friends were my “targets”. Soon after, it became the new summer adventure, hence we started to collect the talismans thrown bluntly everywhere, moreover no one could possibly know the secret they held within. But we needed policy, as our mission required privacy and strategy.

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When in Rome…

It was the first time and it wouldn’t be the last, when I visited Rome2014-07-02 13.00.18 back in 2012. I stayed for a month back then, but due to my busy work schedule I was only able to enjoy the city on weekends. It felt rewarding though, working hard all week and then replenish my energies sightseeing, find and explore the artisan ice cream spots. The more the merrier. Eating granita2014-07-02 16.21.58 till my head hurt, my teeth getting numb and I could barely feel my tongue! There are some things, that wherever you carry on doing, will always remind you of something in particular. Those little habits remind of Rome.
It is not just about the Piazzas, nevertheless they are amazing, Piazza San Pietro, Piazza del Popolo, Piazza di Spagna or the museums,La Fontana di Trevi and so on… it’ s about the city itself. Despite being constantly busy, 24/7 awake and very much alive there is something about the place that feels so unique to me.
I literally fell in love with the little corners, little piazzas and fountains, with the small and simple yet so refreshing caffe’s and snack bars.  I fell in love with the narrow streets so ancient and the chilly goose bumpy alleys which felt like luring you to hear the echo of some horror story of a few centuries ago, the very idea of stepping over the so old stones holding a history of their own.  I fell in love with street artists coming from all over the world and the handmade jewelry, instantly ready to your taste.

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