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Keep up with motivation

Suddenly I feel like a drained, brown bonsai.  Hang on, brown? But why? I used to be a wonderful, cheerful bonsai, where did my cheer leading leaves go? What about what they call prosperity?

The hardest part of motivation is self motivation!

The whole motivation topic is no piece of cake, only if it was one of my mother’s, baking or cooking not her thing generally.

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Let’s really focus

This week has been testing on many levels, and added to that feeling like a lorry truck has  ran me over. And over. And over, since the beginning on Monday. Work has been messy and busy and a bunch of job interviews, let’s see really.

I haven’t been in the right mind to actually write or even scribble anything. My mother asked me the other day, if I have been writing…

I was thinking that, I usually finish the things I have to, specially meeting deadlines. Apparently when it comes to me and things I might want to do for myself, even when it’s about improvement, acquiring more knowledge, honing skills, I have been procrastinating lately always pushing for “a bit later”. Not a very good sign.

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Professional You vs Personal You

Unsplash thanks to Luke Chesser

Some of you are cringing, I can tell. Some of you are “pffff“-ing thinking that they have all figured it out, as for example “I keep my personal, personal!” or “I keep my professional and my personal lives separate. Period.

In my article Authenticity Online, I write about the matching of our virtual personalities and the real ones, which extends also a little to the professional personality, as when colleagues are present in our social networks spaces, or sometimes the “boss” makes his/her appearance, knowing what we are up to.

Let me tell you what I think:

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My Motivation Heroes

It can be from the people we surround ourselves with, from celebrities and their biographies, movies, song lyrics, and books.
So this what I am talking about today, my list of motivating books.  You are probably  thinking that I don’t read that much… considering the length of the list, haha. True, I should probably read more and I am looking forward to add more and more motivating titles to this humble list. To me this is “crème de la crème” so far. Oh, needless to say that you are absolutely free to share yours in the comments.

Here we go with the mind stretching bunch:

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Admire Genius Ayn Rand

Translated in Albanian:Amik Kasoruho

I admire genius, a gift embedded in our genes. Sometimes it looks so insignificant and small that is underestimated, underdeveloped and left to be forgotten. Sometimes we even fail to recognize what is within, being so busy with our own schedules, planning and programming things for ourselves and others, that the fragile potential fails to overcome obstacles… Sometimes we are too envy and jealous of others’ genius that we deliberately choose to deny, hide the truth due to our little schemes and fear of competition that will ruin some chances for success or growth or whatever… However sometimes, this gift is so huge and powerful that emerges and becomes unstoppable, unbearable and burning like an acid to those who loathed it and tried to kill it.

I admire genius, in whichever form it comes to life from our human shells and transform the world through science, engineering, art, literature in every way possible… because if I can’t be one, I can learn from it.

Today I shall mention, one of my favorite authors. I admire Ayn Rand for her strength, her beautiful mind, her creativity, her individualism, most importantly for making me believe that my mind and soul have the power to transform my life and see the outcome of my efforts. Her books made me realize what’s hidden within us and that it so close but not that easy to grasp…or see.

“The Fountainhead”, it left me with a huge book hangover. It inspired and motivated me up to the point that I could literally feel my heart swollen with pride and overwhelmed with adrenaline running fast through my veins. I admire it and I hate it, for this strong influence it had over me.

A single man in a world turned against him…

Translated in Albanian:Amik Kasoruho

I admired even more the 3 volumes of “Atlas Shrugged” which besides the book hangover left me speechless and yet I hate the feeling of such strength transforming me inside out…

A man against the world, who “kidnaps” one after the other the brightest minds of humanity, leaving it helpless and desperate…

Anyway it’s not hatred, I know what it is. It’s internal judgemental inertia (that’s what I call it) due to prejudice, procrastination and reluctance to admit the truth. Sometimes I can’t help but be victim of my own traps, but at least I am conscious enough to acknowledge their presence and therefore control them.

I admire her! Ultimately!



When I got the book (in Albanian)

You ever felt like a cockroach?

Let me explain, as I know it sounds absurd. In fact, I fully get what F.Kafka was aiming at when writing “Metamorphosis”, the poor Gregor, was literally transformed into an insect and he was banned from society and what’s worse disowned from his own family.

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All about that Bass…Really?

Well no, Meghan it’s not!!! Seriously, it’s been actually a lot since I wanted to share what I really think of the song, better to say about the content of the song.

It is ridiculous, and I know what you might think, there are like countless stupid, superficial songs out there, I certainly agree with you, thus in this very moment I can list hundreds of them, too many right? However this one, gets on my nerves! Really!

You know the irony? WHEN THIS SONG IS BEING PLAYED IN THE GYM! (It has happened!)

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(Don’t) Try that Hard

I will keep it real short today, since my creative nerve is not feeling that creative. Nevertheless, today’s daily prompt, unquestionably leads to thinking the opposite. The predictable or how much we try to be able to predict, foresee, forecast then create and meet expectations, based on what the future shall be, accordingly.

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Here it comes…

S:”I am  not going to make it! I am telling you!”
M:”Of course, you are, don’t be ridiculous! You are so smart and brilliant.”

S:”It has got nothing to do with that, I am scared! I can’t talk in front of so many people! My heart beats fast, my cheeks will be flushing red, my  voice trembling, I will be scratching my throat because it feels like choking… I am going to make a fool of myself and everyone will laugh at me…”

M:”Oh I really don’t get it. What are you so afraid of? Cowardice has never qualified you.”

S:”This is Public Speaking, we are talking about! PUBLIC SPEAKING! The big bad Monster, haunting me, since forever!”

M:”Weird though, you have never been shy as a child, quite the opposite. A shameless brat, looking for constant attention.”

S:”Mom, why don’t you listen to me?”

M:”Honey, I aaaamm. I’m trying to help you out. Hey what do you think of a couple of shots….”

S:”Seriously? Alcohol? I am having a nervous breakdown and all you can come out with is “a couple of shots”?”

M:”Just saying… what’s the big deal?”

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I smell trouble

“Hahahah forbidden? Really? You have never done something that is forbidden! You are a geek!”
That sunk for a moment. Have I? Haven’t I?
I have always been the type of person, that tries to stick to some…. My first thought was “rules” and recalling from my past, yes I used to think that, but now I realize that it’s not rules. What I mean is that, it is not just the literal meaning of it. I stick to my principles, because I identify myself in them, because they make me who I am. Believe me, I have fought so many, countless battles with my demons  (and so many more waiting for me) to be who I am today and I was left  hurt with my soul bleeding, making choices that made me suffer of course but trading myself or my dignity, that was never an option.
Processed with VSCO with b1 preset
This probably leads to less friends, probably no promotion. And love life? HA-HA what a joke!
But wouldn’t you rather have just a couple of friends that you know, they are not going to bail on you? That are going to be there for you, as you will be there for them, which also includes, saying some things that might also sting…. sometimes!
Wouldn’t you want to see your face in the mirror and feel pride, that everything you have achieved in your life, be it academic or work is your own merit, unless you are delusional and fill your mind with lies just to feel better. I wonder how much does this psychedelic illusion last?
Wouldn’t you prefer to be on your own, rather than become somebody’s emotional slave? Isn’t yourself enough, because you come first and yes there is a priority, YOU ARE! If you don’t feel ok with you, do you really expect others to?
So the question is: Is it really a matter to forbid or not?
What do you think?