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Shelter the desert

I would have preferred to delay a bit more, me writing about mmm I don’t know how to call it, social or political issues in my home country, Albania, but the “desert” diverts my focus right into it.
I would love to say that I love Albania and I probably do, despite the mix of feelings that I have in my heart.

You know which is one of my biggest fears? It is watching this country degrade so much and becoming a desert… Continue reading Shelter the desert


Meaning of Awe

Eagle AlbaniaSince I am not a native speaker, I couldn’t instantly grasp the meaning of awe. I don’ t recall any word in Albanian having the same exact meaning. Close to it, you find “admirim” which means literally admiration. We also use “adhuroj” which is “to adore”. In this case, meanings between Albanian and English are similar but not exactly the same, actually thinking it through it feels more like worship.

“Adhuroj” is not very common in our everyday language, we rarely make any use of it, because worship is kind of exclusively  meant for Gods and Holy entities.  Continue reading Meaning of Awe