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The Uncomfortable Ones

Sometimes you can’t avoid an argument.

Sometimes you can’t avoid but fight back and speak up.

We usually admire the strong people who are able to do such, specially for the right thing. Let’s also keep in mind that this admiration usually is a stand alone one and quite often from a safe distance.

These strong people choose to “do the right thing” at their own expenses, for they appear to be “The Uncomfortable Ones” from a short distance, not so easy to be around with. Subdued attitude is not part of their personality.

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Authenticity Online

With my dear friend DZzz ?

How do you feel about your persona online, on social networks? Is it a miniature version of you or more a general version of you? Are your profiles open or private, be it Facebook, Instagram and so on?  And this question leads to:  Does your personal you match with the online you?

The thing is, to know the answer. How we manage our social accounts on the internet is a matter of choice, no one is entitled to judge. Period.

Everyday we make that choice, starting by the personal data found in our profiles, the statuses and the things we choose to post, which naturally show what we stand for, fight for, long for, wish for. The photos we choose to post, locations, companions, when, how, posing.

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Lie as much as you can

She had always stayed true to herself, well-tried to as much as a human being can be.
She never thought of herself as a particularly good person, neither bad. But she knew she was selfish, extremely at times.

Society told her that it was a bad thing, although she knew lots of selfish people. Things weren’t turning that bad for them, at least not in the short-term.

And the “now” was what she cared about.

She knew she was no pathologic liar. Yeah she could lie all right, nothing major but she knew she could. She needed to improve at that, to become a pro.

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